Fake Cigarette for Children Popular

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The Dutch communal health service, GGD, is worried about the sale of the ‘shisha-pen’, an electric fake cigarette in bright colors, which is popular among children.

“The cigarette teaches children how to smoke,” according to Laurens de Vries, the director of the GGD. “It also brings down barriers to start smoking.”

Although the pen does not contain tobacco or nicotine, it does have bad substances like propylene. The pen, which lets users inhale water damp with a fruity taste, lights up like a cigarette when used.

The fake cigarette is popular especially in Amsterdam and Arnhem. The GGD director has asked shops not to sell the pen. The cigarette is not covered by tobacco legislation.

According to Nu.nl the Dutch Secretary of the State of Public Health, Martin van Rijn, does not see any reason to prohibit the shisha-pen, but he will start an investigation to determine if measures are necessary.