New Attempt at ATM Robbery

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On Monday an attempt was made to blast an ATM in Berkel en Rodenrijs, north of Rotterdam. The machine was intact, according to the police. "It appears to be a failed ATM robbery. We are still investigating what happened."

Near the machine, the police found two cylinders filled with gas, which are standard tools of ATM robbers. There was no trace of the perpetrators. The police took action because the burglar alarm had gone off at that branch of ABN Amro.

It was the third ATM robbery in over a week. Only a day earlier, criminals targeted a cash machine in Almere. How much money they took is still unknown.

Last Monday a vending machine in Vlaardingen was also blasted.

Earlier this month, ATMs were blasted in Amsterdam and Wijk bij Duurstede. In these cases, including the attempted robbery on Monday, the ATMs belonged to the ABN Amro bank.