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The IRS staff are angry with State Secretary Frans Weekers, who they think should have acted much earlier against the benefits fraud of Bulgarian criminals, according to a report by RTL Nieuws on Wednesday. RTL Nieuws was given the chance to have a look at the reactions of the staff on the internal internet network .

Last Sunday it was made public that eastern European gangs committed large-scale fraud with benefits and subsidies. They did so by making fellow countrymen become ghost citizens of a municipality. In that way they were able to earn a lot of money.

Officers of the IRS said that they informed Weekers long ago about these criminal activities. “It is really sad that Mr. Weekers is plain lying because this was known a long time ago,” writes one of the IRS employees. Another one writes, “Dear Frans, do you know what I think is the worst? The fact that you ignored the signals from the people at IRS and now act as if you never heard anything.”

“Very strange indeed. I read here that the report was sent to the Ministry of Finance,” says Weekers. “We can’t find it here at this Ministry. It was not filed. So maybe it was filed somewhere within the IRS but not at this Ministry. That’s what we are trying to clear at this moment.”

CDA MP Pieter Omzigt wants a debate about the issue as soon as possible. SP MP Farshad Bashir also says that they are not happy with the answers of State Secretary Weekers.