Date of Crowning Long Known

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Prince Willem-Alexander has known for about a year and a half that he is going to be crowned on April 30 of this year. 3FM DJ Gerard Ekdom says that he heard this directly from the Crown Prince during the “uitblinkers” lunch at Noordeinde Palace, according to a report by the NOS.

“The prince was almost sitting next to me, so I had a very nice talk with him,” Ekdom said in the Coen & Sander Show. “Frankly speaking, I know it already for one and a half years,” Ekdom quotes the prince.

The prince supposedly told Ekdom, “The transition is going smoothly because we have total control of everything. That used to be different, we live in another time.”

The “uitblinkers” lunch is a lunch in which people who did something extraordinary for the society are invited by the Crown Prince. This year 27 people were invited to the affair. Among them were labour leader Diederik Samsom, singer Trijntje Oosterhuis and Q-music DJ Kristel van Eijk.