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Jan 22 '16 13:05

Councilman Andries Jumelet's house in Yerseke was bombarded with eggs and fireworks on Thursday night. He also received a note warning him to stop working for an asylum center in the town

Aug 18 '15 12:08

Two employees of online fish shop Viswinkel Online found an oyster containing ten pearls during the Mussel Day in Yerseke on Saturday.

Feb 16 '15 17:34

A large whale was spotted swimming at the height of Zeeland bridge in Oosterschelde estuary on Saturday. Experts say it is probably a humpback whale.

Dec 27 '13 04:32

The likelihood of finding a pearl in an oyster is 1 in 35,000, reported Omroep Zeeland. And yet it happened twice in one evening in Yerseke in Zeeland.

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