Dec 21 '15 16:10

New Year's divers can expect "unusually warm" water when jumping on on January 1st, according to Weeronline. According to the weather service, it is hard to say what the outside temperature will be like on January 1st, but the sea water at least will be warmer than it's been in years

Dec 21 '15 10:08

This Christmas will not be a white one for the Netherlands. Weeronline expects no snow in the coming days and abnormally high temperatures of between 11 and 15 degrees during the day

Dec 18 '15 09:25

This December may well be the warmest December since temperature measurements started in the Netherlands in 1901. Thursday was the warmest December 17th in Dutch history and the mild weather will continue, according to Weeronline.

Nov 20 '15 11:09

The mild autumn weather in the Netherlands is taking a turn towards cold this weekend. Weeronline expects the ambient temperatures to drop towards freezing on Saturday and Sunday, due to wind chill, and Limburg might even see some wet snow.

Oct 16 '15 09:39

The Netherlands can look forward to warmer and dryer autumn weather next week. Good news for the northern and center regions of the country, where it is autumn vacation.

Aug 14 '15 09:14

The storms that moved from the southwest of the Netherlands northwards during the course of Thursday night, brought a massive 43 thousand lighting strikes with it. Some places got between 30 and 50 mm of rain. The storms caused problems with train traffic and car traffic and the fire department had to respond to 140 reports of flooding.

Jul 31 '15 09:28

The Netherlands had the coldest start to July 31st in history this morning. The minimum temperature at De Bilt measured 5.1 degrees at 5:50 this morning, beating 1961's record of 5.9 degrees

Jul 2 '15 10:58

Wednesday was the hottest 1st of July ever to be recorded in the Netherlands. At around 2:20 p.m. the temperature measured at 31.7 degrees in De Bilt, taking the record from 1961 when it measured 31.5 degrees

Amsterdam Winter overhead
Feb 23 '15 11:08

This winter was milder, sunnier and wetter than is normal for winter in the Netherlands, Weeronline reports.

Mar 20 '14 12:46

The astronomical March equinox, or Spring, will start on Thursday at 5:57 p.m. And it's starting warm, or what the Dutch like to call it: 'terrasweer', or terrace weather.

Oct 30 '13 00:01

The storm that raged over The Netherlands on Monday caused at least 95 million euros in damage, announces the association of Insurers Tuesday, based on initial estimates.

Sep 4 '13 01:48

The Netherlands still has some sunny and warm summer days ahead. Thursday will even be a superb beach day. The local temperatures can reach 30 degrees.


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