Veiligheidsregio Utrecht

The Princess Beatrix lock in Nieuwegein
Jun 3 '19 13:27

Two people became trapped under the counterweight of a lock door of the Prinses Beatrixsluis in Nieuwegein on Monday morning. Rescue workers managed to free one of the victims around noon, but the other is still trapped. Local safety office Veiligheidsregio Utrecht expects that it will take several hours yet to free the second victim. 

May 6 '19 10:59

A fire broke out in a New York Pizza building on Nobelstraat in the center of Utrecht after an explosion on Monday morning, local safety office Veiligheidsregio Utrecht said on Twitter. The fire department is at the scene in large numbers to extinguish the fire, reports.

Exactly what caused the explosion is not yet clear, a spokesperson for the safety office said to the newspaper. It is also unknown whether anyone was in the building when the explosion happened. Paramedics are treating a number of people for smoke inhalation, the spokesperson said.

Jul 31 '18 08:46

At least 12 people were injured during a fire in the Heycop home and care center in Breukelen on Monday evening. Eleven people were taken to UMC Utrecht's emergency hospital. The victims sustained various injuries, most of them smoke inhalation related, a spokesperson for the local safety office Veiligheidsregio Utrecht said to ANP. 

May 12 '17 12:31

One person was buried under rubble when part of the former Woerden town hall collapsed during demolition work on Friday morning. The person's condition is unclear. So far the fire department couldn't make contact, a spokesperson for the local safety office Veiligheidsregio Urecht said to

Rescuers can't start searching for the victim, due to the risk of collapse. Specialists are on their way to assess the situation. 

According to ANP, the second floor collapsed during sawing work and it took the first floor with it. 

Mar 9 '16 07:26

A large fire in Amersfoort had the emergency services working through the night. Firefighters are still working on extinguishing the fire. As far as is known, no one was hurt. No asbestos was released in the fire, according to safety office Veiligheidsregio Utrecht.

May 7 '15 08:12

The two victims that were killed by a lighting strike in Amersfoort, Utrecht on Wednesday afternoon, have been identified as two 20 year old women, both from Amersfoort.

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