Jun 10 '16 15:05

The demonstration model of the Netherlands new F-35 fighter jet was vandalized with paint at the air show at Leeuwarden Air Base on Friday. A 54-year-old woman was arrested.

Jun 9 '16 09:53

The number of reports about physical violence and aggression aimed at train personnel is down 23 percent, though reports on other types of incidents and disturbances increased, State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Infrastructure wrote to parliament. Disturbances caused by beggars, musicians and vagrants increased significantly.

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May 4 '16 09:23

Several cars were set on fire in Ede during the early hours of Wednesday morning - the latest incidents in several days of unrest in the Veldhuizen neighborhood. A group of between 50 and 60 young people, aged between 12 and 22 years, are believed to be responsible for the trouble.

Mar 21 '16 11:20

The statue of Willem van Oranje at the Walkaway college of the same name was vandalized with red paint on Sunday. Kantocigno, a relatively unknown Brabant freedom group, took responsibility for the vandalism.

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Mar 2 '16 08:08

Fewer Dutch people became the victims of crime in 2015. Last year 17.6 percent of the Netherlands' population was a victim of crime, compared to 18.9 percent in 2014. The crime rate was the worst in Amsterdam and the best in Emmen, according to the Safety Monitor 2015.

Police_Car_The_Netherlands (Source: Wikimedia)
Jan 22 '16 12:39

A police car caught on Willem de Zwigerstraat in Veen early on Friday morning while officers were inside a Syrian refugee's home investigating a brick thrown through the bathroom window.

Jan 13 '16 10:03

Vandalism in Rotterdam around New Year's cost the municipality at least half a million euros. This includes some 340 thousand euros and damages and costs in cleanup and repairs

Dec 15 '15 11:49

The piano in the central hall of the Amsterdam Central Station that was vandalized with excrement on Sunday, will be switched with another piano so that visitors can play again, a spokesperson for NS said

Police sign
Dec 2 '15 12:11

Erwin Lensink, the man who spent two years in jail for throwing a votive at the royal family on Prinsjesdag 2010, confessed to smashing a window of the police station in Dinxperlo.

Nov 10 '15 10:03

The second council meeting about the possible reception of asylum seekers happened in a calm and orderly fashion, at least compared to the high running tensions during the previous meeting. Though in another part of the Noord-Brabant city, a foreign family's home was pelted with stones, breaking a window.

Aug 24 '15 11:31

The police are looking for a 29 year old patient of the Jan Wierhof mental health institution in Tilburg. The man wandered off during a fire at the institution on Monday morning. The police warn that he may be verbally aggressive and should not be approached.

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Jul 2 '15 14:47

The Public Prosecutor plans to, as far as possible, try all those arrested during the riots in Schilderswijk, The Hague over the past few days in summary proceedings. A total of 61 people have been arrested, the majority of them are minors. The Prosecutor expects that there will be more arrests.

Jul 2 '15 11:46

The police arrested 34 people during the third night of rioting in Schilderswijk, The Hague on Wednesday night.

Jul 2 '15 08:46

The riot police were attacked by rioters during another night of rioting in The Hague on Wednesday night. The dozens of police officers were standing in two lines at the intersection of Hobbemastraat and Vaillantlaan when the rioters descended on them.

no image
May 13 '15 14:29

The Rabobank in Bergambacht had to deal with a very unusual customer on Tuesday - a screaming man wielding a knife. The man, 43 years old from The Hague, was arrested after doing some damage to the interior of the bank.

May 11 '15 13:53

A swastika was painted on the door of the King's Cabinet in The Hague. The graffiti was discovered on Monday morning and immediately covered up.

May 7 '15 14:05

The vandals who spray painted "Fuck the King" on the royal palace in Amsterdam sometime during Wednesday night, was caught doing so on security camera, according to a spokesperson for the Central Government Real Estate Agency.

Police sign
Apr 7 '15 12:57

The police arrested two boys, aged 12 and 14 years, in in Opheusden in the early hours of Monday morning for vandalizing 13 cars.

Apr 3 '15 13:25

The police have arrested five teenage boys for vandalizing a house on Laurens Reaalstraat in the Lombok neighborhood in Utrecht.

PVV fascism graffiti
Mar 18 '15 12:06

Three 14 year old boys from Etten-Leur have admitted to vandalizing the home of PVV candidate Jake Owen Raats. The police found the three teenagers after receiving tips from the community.

Mar 17 '15 11:38

A home in the Lombok neighborhood in Utrecht has been repeatedly vandalized because there is a Charlie Hebdo cartoon hanging behind one of its windows, RTV Utrecht reports.

Mar 2 '15 14:06

There has been a considerable decrease in the number of Dutch victims of common crime such as violence, property crimes and vandalism in the pas 10 years. There has also been a decrease in people who feel unsafe in their neighborhoods. This is according to figures published by Statistics Netherlands today.

Jan 2 '15 09:22

The official residence of Mayor Eberhard van der Laan in Amsterdam was vandalized during New Year's Eve. The mayor said this last night during the New Year's reception of the municipality in the Stadsschouwburg.

Dec 16 '14 10:07

Children are increasingly often becoming the victims of crimes such as assault, robbery or vandalism. In 2013, one in five young people aged 15 to 18 was the victim of violence or a crime against property.


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