under the influence of alcohol

Feb 11 '19 15:30

A mechanic was arrested at Maastricht Aachen Airport after being caught working on airplanes while drunk. The mechanic, a 40-year-old from Russia, was fined 2,300 euros, the Koninklijke Marechaussee said on Facebook.

Aug 6 '18 14:00

A 46-year-old pilot was caught under the influence of alcohol at Schiphol during the early hours of Sunday morning. While preparing the plane before departure, ground staff noticed that the pilot smelled of alcohol and notified the police, NOS reports.

A breathalyzer test a few hours later showed that the pilot's blood-alcohol level was 0.26. The maximum level allowed for pilots is 0.2 per mille. Aircraft personnel are not allowed to drink any alcohol 10 hours before departure.

Abis Bergen
Mar 28 '16 15:55

The captain of a Dutch ship was arrested for endangering naval traffic in Germany. The captain ran the Abis Bergen cargo ship aground, thereby blocking of access to the German port of Rostock

Mar 28 '16 11:11

A man was seriously injured on a train platform at Amsterdam Centraal on Monday morning when a train ran over his leg. He was rushed to the hospital.

Mar 14 '16 14:45

Arnoud H. is facing court on Monday for his role in a fatal speedboat accident on the Vinkeveense Plassen in 2014. In court H. acknowledged that he was speeding when his speedboat crashed into another boat on August 2nd, 2014, but denies that he was drunk and that his speedboat did not have sufficient lighting

May 14 '15 15:30

A drunk 24 year old homeless man has been arrested in Schagen for assaulting a conductor on Thursday.

May 11 '15 11:04

A co-pilot who was under the influence of alcohol was arrested at Schiphol airport on Sunday morning.

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