Apr 17 '14 10:15

A 35-year old man who was arrested in Tilburg in January for sexually
abusing underage girls via webcam had dozens of victims.

Apr 11 '14 14:10

A 13-year old boy was apprehended at his home in Tilburg on Friday morning in relation to the abuse of a female teacher in class on Wednesday.

traffic fine
Apr 7 '14 10:54

A 22-year old driver from Tilburg went on somewhat of a rampage on Sunday. In one morning, he was able to incur four fines.

Mar 27 '14 12:37

The police dismantled a big drugs laboratory in a corporate building in Vimmerik in Nieuwkuijk on Wednesday. They arrested five men.

Mar 26 '14 09:37

In many cities, there were more votes counted than voters at the municipal council elections of 19 March. An analysis from the Algemeen Dagblad shows that especially Amsterdam and Rotterdam has been counting many 'phantom votes'.

Mar 25 '14 15:16

Police in Tilburg is looking for a man who has the idiosyncrasy of taking money out of ATM machines shirtless with stolen bank cards.

Asian Dub Foundation
Mar 19 '14 10:30

From Denmark to Mali, from ska to balkan beats, there's a little for everyone at the upcoming Festival Mundial in Tilburg on 27, 28, and 29 June.

Mar 19 '14 06:45

Several hundred people were able to cast their votes at the beginning of the night for the municipal council elections. This could be done in The Hague, Tilburg and Haarlemmermeer, het Parool reports

Feb 11 '14 08:00

Police in Brabant have dismantled eleven cannabis farms. Around 2700 plants have been confiscated, and six suspects have been arrested, including two Bulgarians.

Jan 24 '14 17:12

A police car speeding to an emergency smashed into an 18-year-old girl in Tilburg Thursday.

Dec 27 '13 04:36

The Tilburg police fired a warning shot in the night of Wednesday on Thursday in order to apprehend a burglar, reported the police Thursday. There were not casualties.

Dec 11 '13 12:02

Almere-based Sandoz and Tilburg-based Janssen-Cilag face a total of about $16.3 million from the European Commission for delaying the market entry of a cheaper generic version of the pain-killer fentanyl in the Netherlands.

Dec 5 '13 04:33

The Public Prosecution demanded thirty years imprisonment, Wednesday, before the court in Den Bosch against the suspect of the hotel murder in Tilburg.

Nov 5 '13 01:17

Police in Tilburg are investigating a curious multiple theft. A persistent toothbrush thief targeted several Kruidvat stores several times in recent months.

Oct 10 '13 00:04

Aid workers failed to prevent two cases of severe child abuse, due to poor communication, concludes the inspections of Youth Collaborative Monitoring after examining two incidents in Tilburg.

Oct 4 '13 00:34

A 46-year-old Tilburg resident tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire. He did this in front of a supermarket where there were many witnesses.

Oct 3 '13 05:38

A 32-year-old woman who escaped with her baby earlier on Wednesday was found in Capelle a/d IJssel. The police stated that the mother was arrested and the baby was handed over to Youth Care. The baby is in good health.

The 2-months-old baby girl was placed with a foster family in Tilburg. While visiting her daughter, the mother ran away with the baby at a moment that she was not supervised.

Oct 3 '13 00:01

Brabant police are looking for a 32-year-old mother and her 2-month-old baby, starting Wednesday afternoon.

Jun 4 '13 03:58

A 77-year-old woman, from Tilburg, died when she was caught by a falling gate at a branch of Albert Heijn. The accident happened on Sunday morning 10 o’clock. The heavily injured woman was brought to a hospital, where she died at 13.15 pm.

The gate of the branch at the Jan Heijnstraat, Tilburg, is used for trucks, who go in and out. How the gate could fall is not yet exactly clear. The supermarket chain, the police and the Labour Inspectorate have started an investigation. Albert Heijn is also checking if the same style of gate is used at other branches.

Apr 19 '13 08:45

5,000 pigs were killed on Thursday evening by a fire in a farm near Spoordonk village, between Eindhoven and Tilburg.

The fire broke out around 7:00 pm in the pig farm Van der Meijden at the Langedonksedijk in Spoordonk near Oirschot. The fire completely burned down three stables. Van der Meijden held 5800 piglets and sows, 800 of which survived the blaze. According to Fire Chief Ton Driessen, four other stables and the main building of the farm were spared.

Apr 1 '13 15:27

A woman was stabbed several times by her ex-husband in Tilburg, in the province of Noord-Brabant, on Monday morning.


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