The Guardian

Mar 25 '16 10:01

At best The Guardian's article in honor of Dutch football legend Johan Cruijff, who passed away on Thursday, can be seen as a mixed success. While the newspaper wrote a beautiful tribute for Cruijff, they used the wrong photo.

Marthal Rotterdam
Dec 1 '14 17:49

Rotterdam's very first indoor fresh food market has earned itself a spot on the Guardian's Top 10 Food Markets in Europe.

Nov 12 '14 15:22

The SolaRoad, the first bicycle path on solar energy, was officially opened today by Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs.

Jul 25 '14 14:23

Mayor of Hilversum, Pieter Broertjes, has been forced to apologize for suggesting that Vladimir Putin's daughter should be deported from The Netherlands after it became world news. The 29-year-old Maria Putin is reportedly living in Voorschoten with her Dutch partner.

Edward Snowden
May 27 '14 08:25

The monitoring program PRISM from the American intelligence service NSA has also prevented an attack in the Netherlands, according to a report from the controller of the services in the Netherlands, The Control Commission concerning the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD), about the activities of the service in 2013, the Volkskrant reports.

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