Jun 30 '16 08:11

The Netherlands is very concerned about developments in Suriname, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday in response toe Surinamese President Desi Bouterse stopping the trial on the December-murders

Apr 28 '16 11:55

The association of Medici in Suriname VMS is sounding the alarm about a serious shortage of medical supply due to lack of money. This medical supply crisis is putting the quality of care under pressure, the VMS said in a statement issued on Wednesday

Mosquito (Source: Wikimedia/JJ Harrison)
Feb 10 '16 12:25

A Dutch tourist died in Suriname after contracting the Zika virus. He is the fourth to die in the country after contracting the virus. Scientists are currently investigating whether the cause of these four deaths were in fact the Zika virus, or whether the virus exacerbated existing symptoms

Feb 8 '16 18:34

White people were seen dressing up in blackface during several events connected to Carnival festivities held over the past few days around the Netherlands. Dressing up in blackface is a serious problem that casts aside black people and their concerns, says activist Mimi from anti-discrimination organization MAD Mothers.

Jan 27 '16 14:00

Blues and Jazz pioneers including The Roots, Buddy Guy and the Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Kurt Elling are among the first group of musicians confirmed for the 2016 edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival, organizers announced on Wednesday. The annual three-day event will also feature fusion jazz keyboardist Chick Corea, who plans to celebrate his 75th birthday with his performance.

Jan 25 '16 10:55

The Dutch national health authority RIVM is warning pregnant women not to travel to areas known to be infected with the Zika Virus, including Suriname. "We advise pregnant women to think twice about a such a trip", Jaap van Dissel of the RIVM said on Nieuwsuur on Saturday

Jan 22 '16 14:20

Ten Dutch people are infected with the Zika Virus, the virus that took over South and Central America in mid-December. The virus is generally not dangerous to adults, but can be very dangerous for unborn children

Dec 1 '15 10:40

The Suriname Public Prosecutor must try President Desi Bouterse as suspect in the December Murders trial, the Court of Justice ruled according to Surinamese newspaper De Ware Tijd.

May 26 '15 18:58

A 39-year old Dutchman, Roy M., was sentenced to six years in prison in France for hiding large amounts of cocaine in blood sausages, newswire ANP reports. The court in Bordeaux determined that M., originally from Suriname, is the leader of an international criminal gang and was among ten suspects who stood trial.

May 25 '15 20:51

The economy remains the central issue surrounding the elections in Suriname, held in the country on Monday. The improving economic situation in the country in recent years has much to do with the high price of gold between 2010 and 2013, writes RTL Nieuws. The government benefited from the high commodity price, and so, in turn, did the population.

Apr 15 '15 12:15

Two family members of the Jamaican teenager who was detained in Suriname on Saturday on suspicion of being on his way to join terrorist organization Islamic State, vehemently deny that the boy has any terrorist connections. According to them the boy was on his way to the Netherlands to meet up with his mother and grandmother.

Apr 13 '15 08:06

A 16 year old Jamaican boy was detained in the South American country of Suriname on Saturday. He is suspected of wanting to join terrorist organization Islamic State.

No Surrender
Mar 23 '15 16:13

President of outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender, Klaas Otto, barely survived an assassination attempt in Belgium last weekend, De Telegraaf reports with police confirmation. Otto had an appointment with a man already known to him, but upon entering the meeting, the man pulled out a gun and tried to shoot him in the head, the "General" of No Surrender states.

Mar 3 '15 08:56

Warning: the video depicts graphic violence and may be shocking to some people.
A video of the assassination of Amsterdam criminal Marchano Pocorni (37) has been released. Pocorni was killed in a cafe in Suriname early yesterday morning.

Prison Cells
Feb 6 '15 12:28

According to Statistics Netherlands, 62.8 percent of the people who were in prison in 2013 have at least one non-Dutch parent. Of all 17 million people living in the Netherlands, only 21.3 percent have a non-Dutch parent, a previous Statistics Netherlands report from early 2014 said.

No image available
Jan 19 '15 11:34

A Dutch national was arrested in Suriname on Friday, in connection with the find of 400 kilograms of cocaine paste in Paramaribo, the country’s capital.

Aug 27 '14 09:44

Judicial advisor of the anti-Zwarte Piet groups, Frank King, is removing himself from the judicial process around the issue after receiving several death threats, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Jun 18 '14 13:34

The four culprits of a triple murder in Purmerland in North Holland were convicted to sentences between ten and 20 yeas yesterday. The suspects killed three people at different times with a machine gun.

Mar 4 '14 09:07

The PvdA is losing voter interest among immigrants, many of whom are moving over to the D66 instead, a study shows.

Dec 15 '13 18:17

200 caimans and three snakes that arrived at Schiphol on transit to the Ukraine on Thursday, had been left out in the freezing cold for 1.5 hours. 48 caimans had died en route; three snakes and 14 other caimans are not expected to survive either. It is the second such find in one month. On 29 November authorities already found 444 caimans from Guyana.

Dec 10 '13 17:38

The Netherlands will not request the extradition of the president of Suriname, Desi Bouterse, when he attends Mandela's funeral, because of his immunity. Bouterse was sentenced to eleven years in prison by a Dutch court for cocaine trafficking.

Nov 25 '13 00:13

General Peter van Uhm, the former commander of the Dutch army, will travel to Suriname this week, to attend the unveiling of a monument that honors Dutch soldiers who died there.

Nov 22 '13 13:53

A Boeing 767 of the Portuguese charter airline, Euro Atlantic Airways, continued to its destination in Paramaribo, Wednesday, despite apparently serious problems at the start from the airport

Suriname Embassy in The Hague
Nov 19 '13 13:14

Police ordered an immediate evacuation of the Embassy of Suriname in The Hague on Monday, following a phone call that there was a bomb in the building.


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