Jul 8 '16 12:01

The Noord/Zuid subway line in Amsterdam will only be put into operation on 22 July 2018, instead of previously announced October 2017, due to new setbacks, traffic alderman Pieter Litjens announced at a press conference on Friday, Het Parool reports. There will be no extra costs.

Apr 20 '16 10:03

The construction of the Noord-Zuid subway line in Amsterdam caused a few cracks in the facade of the Amsterdam Central Station, a spokesperson for the Amsterdam municipality confirmed to Het Parool.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui
Mar 23 '16 20:58

Turkish authorities caught a man suspected of carrying out the Brussels attacks last June, and expelled him from the country, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday. The alleged attacker, Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, was caught in Gaziantep at the Syrian border and then sent to the Netherlands, an Erdogan representative later told media outlets.

Red Cross - Brussels response
Mar 22 '16 18:44

At least 34 people were killed and another 230 injured in targeted attacks on Belgium Tuesday morning. Two bombs were detonated in a departures hall at the Zaventem airport there, causing 14 deaths and wounding 100. The others were killed or hurt when a bomb went off inside a subway car at the city’s Maalbeek metro stop near European Union offices and several media agencies.

Mar 16 '16 13:25

A selection from about 700 thousand items dug up at the construction of the Noord/Zuid subway line in Amsterdam will be displayed at the new Rokin station. The items range from modern cellphones to tools dating from 2 thousand years before Christ.

Mar 2 '16 17:05

The number of “serious incidents” on Amsterdam’s public transit system rose by nearly 24 percent in 2015 to 333. This was up from 269 a year earlier.

Mar 2 '16 13:15

The number of serious incidents on Amsterdam public transport increased by 23.7 percent last year, according to figures from GVB. In 2015 the transporter recorded 333 serious incidents, such as threats with a weapon or robbery, compared to 269 in 2014, news wire ANP reports.

Jan 27 '16 17:25

The project to renovate the Amsterdam subway Oostlijn (East Line) is completely out of hand, both in terms of time and costs. And the numerous problems with t renovation of Amsterdam's oldest subway line are partly caused by the way the municipality organizes such projects and a culture of trying to keep problems hidden, according to a damning report on the project by the Court of Auditors

Dec 30 '15 16:40

Rotterdam public transporter is becoming more financially sustainable. From 2017 the transporter will no longer need subsidies from the government to keep its subways and trams running, a first for the Netherlands

Oct 30 '15 10:13

A GVB conductor on subway line 50 made a strange discovery on the final stop on Isolatorweg - an abandoned bag filled with money. The bag contained 10 thousand euros.

Oct 29 '15 11:43

The first subway car has finally traveled on Amsterdam's new North/South underground line. Tests were carried out with the subway car on Wednesday night.

Sep 30 '15 09:15

The construction of the Noord/Zuid line of the Amsterdam subway system will conclude in October 2017 despite the bankruptcies of key technology contractor Imtech and metal construction firm Oskomera, according to city alderman Pieter Litjens. The oft-delayed subway line is not expected to have any further setbacks after an analysis of the remaining risks to the project, Litjens told the Parool.

Sep 10 '15 11:46

A fault in the railway security system brought the Rotterdam subway traffic to a standstill around 9:45 on Thursday morning. Transport company RET warns travelers to take extra travel time of "60 minutes or more" into account.

Aug 27 '15 10:39

Imtech's bankruptcy is having its first effects on the Amsterdam Noord-Zuid subway line. All Imtech employees involved with the line stopped working on Wednesday afternoon after the bankruptcy administrators instructed them to do so.

Aug 11 '15 11:28

Imtech's financial troubles will have direct consequences for Amsterdam's North/South subway line, spokesperson for the project Raymond Schra said

Jul 28 '15 16:32

The metro stations on Amsterdam's Oostlijn will soon get their first major renovation in nearly 40 years. The revamp will cost 57 million euros and take a total of two years.

Apr 30 '15 09:11

The police in Rotterdam have arrested a 24 year old man who pushed a woman onto the subway tracks at the Gerdesiaweg station on Tuesday afternoon.

Feb 17 '15 09:00

The Director of Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf wants more money invested in public transport in the Amsterdam region, primarily in expanding the subway network to Schiphol

Dec 29 '14 13:59

Another six companies that produce food want to stop the use of cage eggs, Wakker Dier reported today. These companies are Unox, Cup-a-soup, the Wild Bean cafes at BP gas stations, Cntucinnikoekjes of Sapori, ice cream shops of IJscuypje and the liquid egg products of Kweker.


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