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Jul 29 '15 10:49

The vast majority of Dutch people think that young people who end up in the hospital after drinking to much, should pay the bill themselves, either completely or partially. About the same amount feel the same about smokers who need help quitting.

Jul 24 '15 13:44

The number of people in the Netherlands who are overweight or obese increased significantly last year. Last year 43.8 percent of all Dutch people were overweight and 12.1 percent were obese, compared to 41.6 percent and 12.1 percent in 2013.

Jul 21 '15 14:38

Ecstasy use in the Netherlands is four times as high as in the other European Union countries - 2.5 percent of Dutch people sometimes use ecstasy, compared to the EU average of 0.6 percent.

Jul 20 '15 12:57

The youth unemployment rate is showing signs of improvement. Over the past three months the number of young workers increased by an average of 2 thousand per month.

Looking for a job
Jul 17 '15 10:28

Despite the decreasing unemployment rate in the Netherlands, long-term unemployment is still rising. In the first quarter of this year 298 thousand people were unemployed for a year or longer, compared to 233 thousand in the same period last year.
This is according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Friday.

A total of 340 thousand men and 323 thousand women were unemployed in the first quarter of thi year. 47 per cent - 160 thousand - of the men have been unemployed for at least a year. Among women, 40 percent - 129 thousand - were unemployed long term.

The long term unemployment rate in the Netherlands is relatively low compared to other EU countries. Last year 3.0 percent of the Dutch labor force were unemployed for at least a year. The European Union average was 5.1 percent.

Jul 10 '15 12:09

The number of companies and institutions going bankrupt in the Netherlands, is continuing its downward trend, which started in the summer of 2013. There were 35 fewer bankruptcies in June than in May.

Jul 9 '15 10:53

The number of people that died from acute myocardium infarction - heart attacks - decreased by 7 percent in 2014. This cause of death has been steadily declining since the 70's. A total of 5.3 thousand people died of heart attacks last year, almost 400 fewer than in 2013.

Jul 7 '15 14:01

Almost a quarter of the Dutch population, aged 12 years and up, registered as willing organ donors on the donor registry last year. These people gave permission for their organs or tissue to be used after death.

Jun 30 '15 15:05

Schiphol expects its busiest day ever this summer. On August 2nd, the airport expects around 196 thousand departing, transferring and arriving passengers, 300 more than the busiest day at the airport last year.

Jun 29 '15 13:20

While 7 out of 10 Dutch adults believe that working is a social obligation, 80 percent feel that there are more important things in life than work.

Jun 26 '15 14:05

Half of the government debt is currently held by foreign parties, such as foreign pension funds, banks or central banks. In 1995 less than a quarter of the Netherlands debt was in foreign hands.

inflation rate
Jun 25 '15 15:40

The planned sales tax increase could have an impact on inflation. If the value added tax is indeed increased from 6 percent to 21 percent, inflation could increase by up to 0.9 percent.

European Union
Jun 25 '15 10:32

The cabinet has set another 200 million euros aside for an European additional tax, according to a letter sent to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament.

Jun 24 '15 10:33

The Dutch economy grew by 0.6 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the last quarter of 2014. This is according to the second calculation of economic growth by Statistics Netherlands.

Jun 18 '15 16:08

The increase in employment between March and May is almost entirely due to a rising number of women in the workforce, reports Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The number of working men remained stable during the period.

making money
Jun 18 '15 12:52

The mood among consumers improved significantly in June compared to the previous month. Consumer confidence rose by four percentage points and is now at six percent, reports Statistics Netherlands (CBS). This is the highest level seen in the Netherlands since 2007.

Jun 15 '15 17:35

The volume of retail trade was 1.5 percent higher compared to a year before, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS). This is the fifth consecutive month demonstrating growth in the volume of sale, with turnover showing an increase in both food and non-food industries.

Jun 11 '15 13:20

Children adopted from China do better in school than non adopted children. At the age of 15, 30 percent of Chinese-adopted kids are enrolled in a top secondary school, compared to 21 percent of their non-adopted peers.

May 29 '15 14:10

The hospitality industry showed a slight increase in turnover in the first quarter this year. But despite this, pubs seem to be selling fewer drinks.

Pieter Omzigt
May 25 '15 12:17

The Netherlands is the first and only country to pay the additional tax owed to the European Union, reports Telegraaf. Other states that have to pay extra, according to newer calculations, are Bulgaria, France, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia and United Kingdom.

May 22 '15 16:46

Consumers spent 1.9 percent more on goods and services in March than a year earlier, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). In general, they spent more on gas, household appliances and home furnishings.

May 21 '15 17:45

The majority of the Dutch population say they are satisfied with their lives. Even though two-thirds of the population are satisfied with their earnings or savings, six out of ten still worry about their personal financial future, according to Statistics Netherlands' (CBS) research published on Thursday.

May 21 '15 16:30

The number of people in employment in February-April increased by an average of two thousand a month, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Growth in employment was most noticeable among the youth and those aged 45 and above.

May 18 '15 18:00

The figures for shoplifting in 2014 remained practically unchanged compared to a year earlier. Crime figures from Statistics Netherlands show that shoplifting is still a major problem in the Netherlands even as overall crime figures showed a sharp drop last year.


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