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Feb 23 '16 09:16

Statistics Netherlands expects that Amsterdam will collect 46.4 million euros in tourist tax over 2016, a 25 percent increase compared to last year. For all municipalities in the Netherlands proceeds from tourist tax are expected to increase by 8.6 percent to 188.6 million euros.

Looking for a job
Feb 23 '16 08:36

Amsterdam is leading the way for the decreasing unemployment in the Netherlands' four largest cities, though Utrecht has the lowest unemployment rate, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Tuesday. All four cities saw a drop in unemployment last year.

Feb 22 '16 10:51

An increasing number of Dutch people are leaving the big cities to live in the Netherlands' country side. Rotterdam is the only one of the large Dutch cities to see an increase in population due to Dutch people moving there last year, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Monday.

Feb 18 '16 08:28

Last year 9 percent of primary school pupils were classified as "disadvantaged", a three percent drop compared to 12 percent in 2011, according to Statistics Netherlands. A pupil is considered a "disadvantaged pupil" when his or her parents or guardians have a low or very low education level.

Looking for a job
Feb 18 '16 08:08

Unemployment in the Netherlands continued its steady decline two year decline over the past three months. The number of unemployed people fell by an average of 14 thousand per month, amounting to 574 thousand unemployed people in January - 6.5 percent of the population, according to Statistics Netherlands.

Feb 11 '16 12:13

Online sales grew by a massive 20 percent last year and made a considerable contribution to the recovery of retail in the Netherlands.Retail trade recorded a turnover increase of 1.4 percent over 2015, the biggest sales growth since 2008, according to figures published by Statistics Netherlands on Thursday.

asylum seekers
Feb 11 '16 08:00

The Ministry of Security and Justice is launching a large-scale national investigation into what impact asylum seekers have on crime in their surroundings. The intention is to provide hard numbers, so that the asylum debate can be held based on facts, instead of emotions alone

Feb 10 '16 14:37

Of the nearly 29 thousand Syrians who officially registered with a Dutch municipality over the last two years, nearly forty percent of them are children under 18 years of age, Statistics Netherlands revealed on Wednesday. This is more than double the proportion of children arriving from other nations.

Feb 4 '16 14:10

With an increase of 1.5 and 1.43 percent respectively in the number of inhabitants, the populations of Amsterdam and Utrecht grew more than average in 2015. The national average is 0.5 percent, according to Statistics Netherlands based on 2015's interim population figures.

Feb 2 '16 11:07

Assault is the second biggest cause of work related injuries that lead to at least 4 days of absence in the Netherlands. Every day there are an average of 53 cases of kicking, biting or threats that lead to long periods of work absence, according to a study done by Statistics Netherlands on "work accidents" that lead to at least 4 days of staying at home.

Jan 27 '16 08:31

The Netherlands' population grew by about 79 thousand people to a total of 16.9 million inhabitants last year. The growth is largely due to immigration - many refugees and migrant workers made the Netherlands their home in 2015, according to Statistics Netherlands. Statistics Netherlands expects that immigration will increase further this year, pushing the population over the 17 million border.

Jan 27 '16 08:04

For 553 thousand of the more than 1.35 million freelancers in the Netherlands, the money they earn as a freelancer is a sideline income. The bulk of their income consists of wages, pension or benefit, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Wednesday.

Jan 26 '16 10:46

An increasing number of Dutch households are heavily reliant on welfare benefits to get through the month. Between 2008 and 2014 the proportion increased from 9.1 percent to 11.6 percent. Single-parent families and non-western households are most often dependent on benefits to make ends meet, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Tuesday.

Jan 25 '16 15:25

Eight percent of the Dutch population aged 12 years and older admitted to suffering from depression in 2014. That is more than 1 million people. Depression is most common around in middle aged people, and more common in women than in men, 9 percent and six percent respectively, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Monday.

houe for sale/sold sign
Jan 21 '16 14:00

Home prices in Amsterdam increased by 9.7 percent last year, though the prices are still 3.6 percent below what they were before the crisis in 2008, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry on Thursday.

woman shopping economy
Jan 21 '16 10:33

A decrease in the unemployment rate in the last quarter of 2015 led to slightly higher spending in November. Consumer confidence dropped by 2 points in January, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Thursday.

Jan 20 '16 09:48

Nearly 1.1 million Dutch households struggled to make ends meet last year. A massive 41 percent of the estimated 718 thousand households with an income below the low-income line had to forgo regular expenses, such as heating their home or buying new clothes. The same goes for around 10 percent of households above the low-income line, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Wednesday.

Jan 20 '16 09:31

The top earners at the 1,000 largest companies in the Netherlands on average earn six times more than an average worker, according to calculations done by Statistics Netherlands after looking at the five top earners per company.

Jan 19 '16 11:14

A large number of young people in the Netherlands are working below their education level. In the third quarter of last year, about half of highly educated young people worked in positions generally filled by people with a medium- or low education, according to research done by statistics Netherlands. One in six young people with a mid-level education were overqualified for their jobs

Jan 13 '16 12:55

The average price of airfare rose by 5.4 percent last year despite a sharp drop in the price of oil, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) figures provided to NOS. The price of holiday packages also went up by 1.5 percent.

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Jan 12 '16 10:29

Taking a gap year immediately after the final exams was a less popular choice among newly graduated high school students in 2014-2015, according to Statistics Netherlands on Tuesday. The statistics office attributes this to the student grant being abolished and replaced with a loan system last summer.

Jan 11 '16 09:33

People are finally eating at Dutch restaurants and staying over in hotels again after the financial crisis in 2008, but bars and pubs are still struggling. Most parts of the traditional hospitality industry are seeing recovery in their turnover volumes, but bars are more than 25 percent below the level of 2007, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Monday.

Jan 7 '16 10:18

The collective bargaining salaries increased by 1.4 percent in 2015, the biggest increase since 2012. In 2014 they increased by only 0.9 percent. The increase was especially significant in the public sector, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Thursday.

Jan 5 '16 10:06

Almost a quarter of the Dutch population aged 12 years and older were registered as organ donors in 2015. That is about 2 million women and 1.6 million men, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Tuesday.


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