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May 29 '20 14:50

An estimated 2,750 people died in the Netherlands in the 21st week of 2020, between May 18 and 24. That is below what would have been normal for the 21st week of a year if there had been no coronavirus crisis, Statistics Netherlands reports. The previous week was the first time since the crisis that mortality in the Netherlands was below average.

Biomass power plant
May 29 '20 12:20

In 2019 the Netherlands' energy consumption from renewable sources grew by 16 percent compared to the year before. A total of 181 petajoules of the country's energy came from renewable sources. More than half of that increase was due to more biomass, mainly due to power plants using more biodiesel and biogasoline, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday. 

Packed up terrace
May 29 '20 09:19

At the end of March, the number of active general welfare benefits increased compared to the previous month for the first time since early 2017. The number of benefits to self-employed, including coronavirus specific benefits, increased sharply. The hospitality industry in particular had a bad first quarter, seeing the biggest turnover decrease in seven years, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Friday.

Euros in a wallet
May 28 '20 21:40

The food catering sector has been in particular need of government assistance as a result of the pandemic, according to new figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Thursday. The data follows as the group found that 85 new companies filed for bankruptcy over the mid-May period.

May 28 '20 11:04

Despite 30 years of nature policy and 11 billion euros in investments, biodiversity in the Netherlands is still decreasing. Natural areas are still fragmented, species are still deteriorating, plans to link nature reserves never happened, and measures to farm more sustainably had little to no effect, Trouw reports based on its own research.

May 22 '20 13:31

Between May 11 and 17, an estimated 2,850 people died in the Netherlands. That is bout 200 below what would have been normal for the 20th week of this year, if there had been no coronavirus crisis, Statistics Netherlands reported. This is the first time that the weekly deaths in the Netherlands was below average since the pandemic reached the country.

May 20 '20 14:50

Last year, before the arrival of the coronavirus crisis, 87 percent of Netherlands residents were happy or very happy with their lives, scoring their lives 7 or more out of 10. That is the highest percentage happy residents in over 20 years, though the differences between years are very minor, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported on Wednesday.

In 2018, just under 86 percent of Netherlands residents scored their lives a 7 or more. The lowest score was in 2013, when 84 percent were happy to very happy with their lives, CBS economist Peter Hein van Mulligen said to Het Parool.

Waiting for a job interview
May 20 '20 07:34

The number of Netherlands residents with paid work fell by 160 thousand to 8.9 million in April, Statistics Netherlands announced on Wednesday. Unemployment increased from 2.9 percent in March to 3.4 percent last month. Young people were most affected.

Both the decrease in working Dutch and the increase in unemployment were the biggest since the stats office started keeping track of monthly figures in 2003. This shows that unemployment is increasing faster in the coronavirus crisis than it did in the financial crisis that hit the world in 2008.

Rain and Dutch flag
May 15 '20 10:26

After 23 straight quarters of economic growth in the Netherlands, the country's gross domestic product in the first quarter of the year fell by 1.7 percent. It was the single biggest quarterly drop since the beginning of 2009, when GDP fell by 3.6 percent, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Euro coins
May 13 '20 07:01

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) is set to begin subsidizing professional coaching for business leaders in the Netherlands in an effort to support companies that have been hard-hit as a result of Covid-19. The move comes as the number of businesses filing for bankruptcy in the Netherlands began to rise last month, with nearly 30 percent more businesses going under in April than in March, according to new figures from Statistics Netherlands on Tuesday.

May 12 '20 13:14

In the 18th week of this year, from April 27 to May 3, a total of 3,299 people died in the Netherlands. That is still 5 percent above average for the first 10 weeks of the year, but also almost 600 fewer than in week 17 when 3,881 people died, Statistics Netherlands reported on Tuesday.

Under normal circumstances, the number of deaths in the Netherlands would decline during this time of year due to the end of winter. In the past three years, about 2,750 people died per week in the period around week 18 of the year. 

May 11 '20 14:50

Netherlands residents were not big drinkers in the early 20th century when compared to other Europeans. In the years 1900 to 1904, the per capita use of beer, wine and spirits in the Netherlands was 5.6 liters of pure alcohol - about half of the 10.8 liters in Denmark and 11.2 liters in England, a third of the 14.8 liters in Italy, and a quarter of the 22.5 liters in France, Statistics Netherlands reported on Monday.

May 8 '20 20:45

Nursing homes and care facilities across the Netherlands experienced higher mortality rates in late-April than they did earlier in the year, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday. While high, the figures still showed improvement compared to previous weeks in April.

Artist's rendition of the Dutch flag
May 8 '20 20:10

Half of all business in the Netherlands, excluding those in the financial services sector, expect that the survival of their company will be in danger if the Covid-19 pandemic continues for longer than six months. Most business owners also expect revenue to continue to fall for a second quarter, which will inevitably lead to more staff cuts.

Flu season
May 8 '20 08:24

Illness related absenteeism among employees in the Netherlands rose to 5.2 percent in the first quarter of this year - the highest level since the first quarter of 2003, Statistics Netherlands said on Friday based on provisional figures. The increased absenteeism occurred in al sectors. 

Flower n a gravestone
May 1 '20 12:17

The sudden spike in the number of weekly deaths in the Netherlands, which coincided with the outbreak  of the coronavirus, continues to decrease, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday. Last week, week 17 of 2020, the number of deaths in the Netherlands was still 20 percent higher than before the coronavirus crisis. The decrease is slowest in nursing homes, where the number of deaths was still 65 percent higher.

Teacher strike announcement at an Amsterdam school, 5 November 2019
May 1 '20 11:50

Last year a record number of 319 thousand employees in the Netherlands went on strike, resulting in a total of 391 thousand working days lost - the largest number in 24 years, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday. The vast majority of strikers worked in healthcare and education.

Wage gap
May 1 '20 08:28

The gender wage gap in the Netherlands shrank again in 2019, but the average gross hourly wages of women were still 14 percent lower than that of men, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday. Women's average annual wages, including bonuses and other special awards, were 38 percent lower than men's last year. 

People lined up outside an Amsterdam Oost Albert Heijn location, that made people wait outside at a distance until other customers left the store, 25 March 2020
Apr 29 '20 12:40

The government's aid package for startups and scale-ups launched on Wednesday. These businesses can now apply for a bridging loan. The coronavirus crisis dealt a massive blow for business confidence, especially in consumer-oriented industries. "Never before were so many entrepreneurs negative about the expected turnover as in April 2020," Statistics Netherlands said on Wednesday.

Apr 24 '20 12:22

The number of deaths per week in the Netherlands is still higher than average, but it is starting to decline and that decline is now also visible in nursing homes, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday.

Shopping in Covid-19 pandemic - Buying toilet paper, wearing a mask
Apr 22 '20 08:45

The coronavirus crisis has been a blow to consumer confidence in the Netherlands, which fell from -2 in March to -22 in April. That is the largest decline ever, though not the lowest that consumer confidence has ever been, Statistics Netherlands reported on Wednesday.

At -22, consumer confidence in April is far below the -5 average of the past two decades. Consumer confidence reached its all-time high at +36 in January 2000 and its all time low at -41 in March 2013.

A man sitting on an Amsterdam street with a dog on top of their sleeping bag
Apr 21 '20 18:00

The Dutch State and municipalities are not doing enough to tackle homelessness, the council for public health and society RVS said in a report titled 'Recovery begins with a home' presented to State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health on Tuesday. According to RVS, the situation requires a structurally different approach, also in view of the coronavirus crisis, NOS reports.

Apr 17 '20 12:39

An estimated 5 thousand people died in the Netherlands last week, the 15th week of 2020 which spanned from April 6 to 12. That is around 2 thousand more deaths than the average for the first 10 weeks of the year, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday.

Job hunting
Apr 16 '20 08:04

The number of new unemployment benefits in the Netherlands increased significantly in March compared to February, according to figures from benefits agency UWV. Last month UWV paid out 38 thousand new benefits, 11 thousand more than in February and an increase of 42.3 percent.


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