State Secretary of Finance

Tax Office Netherlands
Dec 2 '14 18:28

Over 5.5 million taxpayers will be given extra time in 2015 to pay tax on income earned in 2014. Once the tax office notifies people how much they owe in income tax, people will be given four months to make payment, instead of the usual six weeks, Finance Secretary Eric Wiebes said.

Oct 30 '14 13:35

The National Ombudsman passed an extremely harsh judgement on former State Secretary of Finance Frans Weekers for his wrong approach to the Bulgarian fraud a year ago.

Jan Kees de Jager
Jul 21 '14 15:04

KPN's new CFO position has been given to Jan Kees de Jager. De Jager was Minister of Finance in the Cabinet Rutte I between 2010 and 2012. From August, he will be financial director of the Dutch telecom service.

Mar 19 '14 08:19

The increase of the excises on diesel and lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) seems to be filling the treasury for the time being. The surprising outcome comes from a letter by Eric Wiebes, state secretary of Finance.

Feb 3 '14 09:41

Amsterdam alderman Eric Wiebes is set to replace state secretary of Finance Frans Weekers, who made the decision to resign last week.

Jan 30 '14 09:44

State Secretary of Finance, Frans Weekers (VVD), will offer his resignation to the King tomorrow, according to a debate yesterday in which he was asked to justify problems with disbursement of allowances at the Tax and Customs Administration.

Aug 14 '13 09:03

The IRS wants to make agreements with Morocco and Turkey on the automatic exchange of data on property. Dutch tax payers who have not informed the IRS about their house(s) in Morocco or Turkey can be addressed by the tax authorities.

State Secretary Frans Weekers (Finance) announced this on Tuesday in the House, in response to questions from SP MP Farshad Bashir. The Netherlands can at this moment also request Turkey and Morocco for information about real estate, but the information exchange is not automatic.

Apr 22 '13 14:19

It is very easy to commit fraud with taxes, the government and the tax authorities have been aware of the problems for years. Member of political party CDA Pieter Omtzigt said this on Twitter.

Apr 16 '13 08:56

“If members of the royal family apply constructions to avoid tax, it is a private consideration. Tax evasion, however, is a serious felony and must be fought. But as long as something is not prohibited by law, people may use it.” Secretary of State Frans Weekers of Finance said this Monday in the TV program Pauw and Witteman in a response to a message that Princess Margriet and her husband Pieter van Vollenhoven used a tax structure to reduce the tax on the inheritance for their children and grandchildren. That construction is not prohibited. "The law applies to everyone," said Weekers.

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