Mar 6 '15 17:26

The prosecutor demanded a 16-year prison sentence for Antonio Marcos van der P. and 14-year sentence for Enise B. today in court in Assen, the public prosecution reports. The couple, known as Dutch Bonnie and Clyde went on a crime spree in February 2014 and are suspected of extortion, attempted manslaughter, attempted murder, unlawful detention and armed robbery.

Feb 23 '15 12:10

The police arrested three suspects on suspicion of involvement in a stabbing incident at a campsite in Ter Aar on Saturday. The suspects are believed to be from Poland.

Feb 12 '15 20:05

The police arrested a 17-year old boy from Assen on Thursday afternoon. The boy had recently been into a property on Geulstraat and stabbed a man, the police reports. He is suspected of attempted manslaughter or murder.

Feb 2 '15 12:10

A man alleged to be one of two violent intruders of a houseboat in Amsterdam's Zeeburg neighborhood Thursday night is under police custody. As of Monday afternoon, the suspect, identified as a 21 year old from Almere, remains in the hospital recovering from a stab wound.

Jan 30 '15 11:57

A man was stabbed in Amsterdam's Sporenburg neighborhood at about 22:15 on Thursday.

Jan 30 '15 11:49

The 15 year old boy who was arrested for stabbing a fellow student at Aloysius College in The Hague, is still in custody. The investigating judge will decide today whether he can be released.

Jan 28 '15 10:21

A pupil of Aloysius College in The Hague was wounded in a stabbing Wednesday morning. According to the police, the pupil was only slightly injured and could be treated at the scene for a superficial injury.

A building at School2Care
Jan 23 '15 14:10

A 14-year-old girl was injured in a stabbing between to School2Care pupils in Nieuw-West yesterday afternoon. The victim will have to stay in the hospital for a few days. A 15-year-old offender was arrested.

A building at School2Care
Jan 22 '15 18:24

A fifteen-year-old schoolgirl has been arrested for stabbing a fellow female student in the back, police confirmed. The attack was allegedly caused by an argument that got out of hand, and ended with one of the girls brandishing a weapon.

No image available
Jan 12 '15 14:35

Police have arrested the Rotterdam man they were hunting for the murder Saturday evening of a woman at Oudedijk. News reports suggest that the suspect is actually the victim

Jan 9 '15 16:48

An intruder stabbed an 11-year old child with a sharp object, possibly a knife, while trying to escape a house in Rozendaal, Gelderland yesterday afternoon. The victim was not seriously injured.

Dec 31 '14 11:54

About 70 Fiat 500's, one Ferrari and a dozen other cars drove through Alphen aan den Rijn yesterday to honor Pierre Weymans. Pierre died last week after he was stabbed during a fight on the street.

Dec 3 '14 14:11

A 17 tear old boy had been arrested for stabbing a street musician to death inthe Aa-landen shopping center in Zwolle yesterday. The police announced this today.

Oct 31 '14 11:29

A 22 year old man was arrested in The Hague this morning for stabbing his 16 year old girlfriend.

Oct 13 '14 17:12

The student accused of stabbing a fellow student to death at a school in Voorburg, Zuid Holland, was constantly bullied at school, his lawyer said Monday. The 16-year-old boy is suspected of stabbing a 15-year-old boy at Corbulo College during an argument.

Oct 13 '14 10:23

The victim of the stabbing at Corbulo College in Voorburg on Friday, has passed away.

Oct 6 '14 14:43

Three men were injured during a stabbing at Takens nightclub in Balkbrug on Sunday. One man has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Oct 6 '14 14:14

The 48 year old father of Breda folk singer Sander Kwarten was stabbed six times on Sunday night during a quarrel in cafe 't Trefpunt in Rucphen. According to the police he is stable and was taken to a hospital in Rotterdam.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Sep 11 '14 16:32

A man was stabbed to death in his house in Den Bosch early on Thursday morning. A 52 year old man, living in the same house has been arrested.

Police sign
Sep 3 '14 10:09

During a fight in a home on the Zwartwatersweg in Assen on Tuesday afternoon, three people were injured. According to the police, a shot was also fired. Two arrests have been made.

Inside De Witte Aap (Source: Twitter/@EstherBnnnbrk)
Aug 29 '14 14:56

De Witte Aap café in Rotterdam will hopefully reopen today after it was closed earlier this week because of a stabbing.

Aug 28 '14 10:41

In Rotterdam, Café De Witte Aap has been told to close its doors for at least two weeks after a 33-year-old man from Capelle aan den IJssel was wounded in a stabbing last Wednesday, the NOS reports.

Aug 11 '14 11:15

Police in Eindhoven found a wounded man in the Hubertastraat who says he was stabbed by a man trying to sell him a bicycle, Omroep Brabant reports.

Jun 30 '14 11:54

Police in Zoetermeer shot a man down on Saturday night when he failed to comply with instructions from the officers. The man was injured, and has been brought to hospital.


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