speed camera

Aug 24 '18 16:20

Caught speeding in the Netherlands lately? There's a good chance that you won't be getting a fine. Police officers participating in labor actions for a better collective bargaining agreement are deleting speed camera photos as part of the actions, RTL Editie reports. 

Officers from Oost-Brabant say they already deleted some 5,600 photos from speed cameras. According to Maarten Brink of the police unions' national action center, the officers in the other nine police units deleted similar numbers. So a total of around 50 thousand speeders will not be getting fines. 

Jan 9 '14 04:35

The usually very quiet Brabant village Vierlingsbeek is in turmoil. Police fined almost all residents for speeding. More than 75 percent of the 2,600 villagers recently received one or more speeding tickets in the mail.

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