Social housing

Social Housing
Apr 11 '16 15:45

Amsterdam housing corporations are working hard in The Hague lobbying for higher rent increases than was agreed upon on in the Housing Agreement.

Social Housing
Mar 3 '16 12:27

Worried Rotterdam tenants started collecting signatures on Wednesday to petition for a referendum on the municipality's plans to demolish some 20 thousand low-cost rental housing. The municipality plans to replace the cheap apartments with homes for families and professionals

For Rent
Feb 5 '16 09:11

Rent prices for homes in the private sector are rapidly on the rise, especially in Amsterdam, according to figures from rental site Pararius. Pararius director Jasper de Groot attributes it to an "unhealthy market" with a vast shortage in private sector rental homes. "If you look at the housing supply, then only about 5 percent of the homes are rental homes in the private sector. That is way too little", he said.

Feb 3 '16 13:01

The tax authorities may not hand over income details about social housing tenants to housing corporations, the administrative division of the Council of State ruled on Wednesday.

Feb 2 '16 09:07

Minister Stef Blok of Housing submitted a legislative proposal in which asylum seekers will no longer automatically be given priority in the social housing market

Social Housing
Nov 11 '15 08:56

Most Housing aldermen in the 35 largest municipalities in the Netherlands believe that a change in the social housing police is necessary. They think that Housing Minister Stef Blok's idea of solving the social housing shortage problem by addressing so-called skewed living - people renting too cheaply or expensively in relation to their income - will not work.

asylum seekers
Nov 10 '15 14:24

Housing corporation De Key in Amsterdam has asked its 997 group housing residents whether they would be willing to have refugee with a residency permit live with them. According to the corporation, they have already received some positive feedback.

Social Housing
Nov 6 '15 13:50

The Huurdersvereniging Amsterdam and housing corporations had a tense debate on the continuing shortage of social housing, and their increasing rents on Thursday night. A decision was made that the HA, the housing corporations and the Amsterdam municipality should meet to discuss new cooperation agreements in the housing market, in which less social housing should disappear, Het Parool reports.

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Oct 12 '15 16:13

The PvdA has agreed with coalition partner VVD's proposal to no longer give recognized refugees priority in the distribution of social housing, on the condition that enough container homes are built to encourage the flow through asylum centers. The coalition has also adjusted their wording for the approach - the Netherlands is getting a "sober and fair" asylum policy.

Oct 7 '15 14:15

Those seeking asylum in the Netherlands should have no access to the current collection of rent-controlled social housing on the market, VVD parliamentarian Roald van der Linde told the AD. “Refugees that come from a warzone must be happy with whatever they get,” he firmly stated.

Oct 6 '15 16:11

It is expected that as many as 43,000 asylum seekers will have a residency permit status allowing them to qualify for social housing in the Netherlands. The prediction comes from a brief prepared by Justice Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff that he gave to BNR, the broadcaster reported.

For Rent
Sep 30 '15 12:10

By way of an adjustment to the points system, thousands of tenants will be looking forward to a reduction in their rent by up to 200 euros. Housing associations and commercial landlords are not obligated to take these initiatory obligations strictly upon themselves, Housing Association spokesperson Marcel Trip van de Woonbond told that tenants should not assume that their rent would automatically be lowered, they themselves should conduct home inspections and submit this to their landlords.

Sep 18 '15 13:31

Housing corporations are planning unorthodox measures to provide housing to tens of thousands of refugees with a residency permit in the coming months. State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff agrees that unorthodox measures are needed to find homes for refugees.

Sep 3 '15 12:05

Young single moms are having a hard time finding somewhere to stay in Amsterdam. Because they have a child, they do not qualify for so-called youth housing and the waiting lists for social housing are very long.

For Rent
Sep 2 '15 08:42

Coalition parties PvdA and VVD can not agree on how to address the growing demand for rental housing caused by the ever increasing number of refugees. They do, however, agree that Dutch residents should get priority when it comes to rental housing, and not refugees.

Social Housing
Aug 20 '15 14:43

Stakeholders are concerned that a combination of increasing rental property sail and the small amount of new social rent homes being built will soon lead to a shortage of social housing.

Social Housing
Jul 28 '15 15:12

The waiting lists and waiting times for social housing in Amsterdam will only get longer, according to professor Peter Boelhouwer and emeritus professor Hugo Priemus, both at TU Delft.

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Jun 13 '15 10:00

The Amsterdam Tenants Association (ATA), housing corporations and the municipality set a goal of making the accommodation in the city more affordable for low- and middle-income groups. The aim of the agreement between the parties is the construction of 6,000 new social housing units over the next five years.

For Rent
Jun 4 '15 09:53

Rent prices for most social housing will increase less sharply from next year. Aedes, the association for housing corporations which represents about 90 percent of the corporations in the Netherlands, and Woonbond, the association for tenants, have reached an agreement to increase rents with less than the current legal maximum.

Photo: Airbnb Logo
May 11 '15 14:40

A tenant in Amsterdam who placed his social housing apartment on Airbnb rental service now has to vacate the house within two weeks, reports RTL Nieuws. The investigation showed that the house was sublet for at least 130 days, the housing firm's lawyer said based on reviews Airbnb guests left for the apartment.

Housing Market
Jun 18 '14 15:59

Ymere, the Amsterdam-based housing corporation, is going to evict 180 households from their social rental homes in the next five years. The reasoning behind this is that these homes will be renovated to be sold or rented out in the private sector.

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Nov 26 '13 19:01

A proposal by the Labour Party and the ChristenUnie, to raise the income threshold for social housing, has been adopted by the House Tuesday.

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Nov 19 '13 04:30

The housing federation is pleased with the proposal of PvdA and CU, because they also addressed the issue earlier, announced director Paping. If not for high-rent homes, people with modest middle income have nowhere to turn now

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Jun 21 '13 09:56

The Netherlands is taking a different approach on its housing policies. According to theguardian, around 54% of Dutch households reside in rented accommodation. Only 13% rent from private property owners.


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