Jan 29 '15 18:34

Trains nationwide will run normally on Friday, says a statement on the website of Dutch train service NS, though adding that some scheduling adjustments may occur if the weather becomes inclement.

Jan 27 '15 15:17

Windy weather is likely to return to the Netherlands on Wednesday, with coastal provinces now under a Code Yellow weather advisory. Freezing temperatures are likely overnight headed into the weekend and next week, though daytime highs will remain closer to three degrees celsius, according to the KNMI.

Alkmaar snow
Jan 18 '15 12:03

Snowfall will cover a large portion of the Netherlands Sunday night, meteorologists at the KNMI say. All provinces are under a code yellow weather alert for snow and slippery conditions, except Noord and Zuid Holland, and Zeeland.

Violent winds create dangerous conditions: fallen tree blocks road in Gouda (
Jan 15 '15 12:28

"Code yellow" weather warnings have been issued by Dutch weather analysts for the seventh day in a row, as extreme winds continue to cause unrest across the country.

Dec 29 '14 11:34

Ten birds escaped from safari park Beekse Bergen after an aviary collapsed. Eight spoonbills and two hammer heads got away.

Snow_road_(2235225465) (1)
Dec 29 '14 11:25

The slick roads warning for the center and east of the country has been withdrawn. Motorists should still be careful on local roads as they may still be slippery. According to the Traffic Information Service (VID), most of the slickness should disappear during the course of the morning.

no image
Dec 29 '14 09:43

About 15 houses next to the Albert Heijn XL in Tilburg were evacuated on Saturday when the roof threatened to collapse. This was possibly due to the weight of heavy snow, but there is a chance that it has something to do with recent renovation, said a spokesperson of Ahold.

Dec 26 '14 14:30

It is very likely that it is going to snow on Saturday. Some places may even have to deal with a real snow layer. According to Weerplaza, the hills in Limburg may even get more than 20 centimeters of snow.

Dec 26 '14 13:42

A 22 year old woman from Winkel was seriously injured on the A7 at Purmerend this morning. The woman was trying to warn motorists of slickness on the road when she was hit by a car.

Dec 26 '14 09:50

Groningen had a white Christmas. A layer of snow fell in the northern province last night.

Dec 25 '14 08:15

There is a big chance that it will snow on Saturday. According to the weather maps, the snowfall in the Northern Netherlands will be accompanied by strong winds.

Dec 24 '14 08:52

Wind, clouds and drizzle will give way for sun, a few showers and much less wind during the Christmas days. The temperature will drop at the same time. On Saturday there is a chance of snow and storms.

Dec 3 '14 09:27

The first snow of the season has fallen. On Tuesday night in the hills of Limburg. Some places were white with a thin layer of snow on the grass and the rooftops. This reports and MeteoGroup in Wageningen.

Austrian Rescue Helicopter
Feb 11 '14 07:12

Two Dutch snowboarders had to spend Sunday night stranded on a cold mountain in the Austrian Alps.

no image
Jan 27 '14 05:30

Wind travelling from the east brought down temperatures in the northern part of the country over the weekend, leading to dustings of snow from the German border to the IJsselmeer. Cars were reportedly abandoned in parts of Groningen because of slippery roads and poor visibility.

No image available
Jan 24 '14 16:27

It took a long wait, but the Netherlands is finally experiencing real winter weather.

no image
Jan 8 '14 12:13

The first snowflakes of 2014 could fall as early as Monday with winds from the northeast and the east predicted to bring colder weather across the Netherlands. says there is "a realistic chance of snow."

no image
Dec 1 '13 11:39

Winter weather will be blowing into the Netherlands this week. said today that the meteorological winter starts today and that temperature in the country will drop as of midweek,with a chance of snow on Friday.

no image
Apr 1 '13 16:21

With a maximum temperature of 4,3 degrees Celsius and a thin layer of snow in some places, this years Easter is colder than last Christmas, when temperatures were around 10 degrees above zero. Nevertheless, the ‘cold record’ of 1964’ Easter wasn’t broken. For that, Weather station De Bilt should have measured temperatures below 3,9 degrees.


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