Sjef van Gennip

May 28 '18 15:50

The Dutch probation service no longer wants to work with convicts who are guilty of death threats, or who are themselves threatened with death. The service's employees don't feel safe at their jobs. "I do not want to run the risk that our probation officers are shot at", chairman Sjef van Gennip said to the Volkskrant.

Crime scene tape
Jul 25 '17 09:33

The Dutch association for relatives of victims of violence LOVNG wants people who were found guilty of murder and manslaughter to be banned from ever living in the same areas as their victims' relatives. The association plans to start lobbying for this after the summer. "I believe the time is right for it", Jack Keijzer, a driving force behind this idea, said to newspaper AD.

May 11 '17 07:38

At least 35 criminals escaped in the Netherlands by cutting their electronic ankle monitor last year, the Telegraaf reports based on figures from Probation Netherlands.  Most of these cases involved criminals awaiting trial or serving the final stage of their sentence, according to the newspaper.

A total of about 1,600 criminals in the Netherlands are currently wearing an ankle monitor. "With 98 percent of wearers everything goes well", Sjef van Gennip, CEO of Probation Netherlands, said to the newspaper. 

Jan 4 '17 13:10

Dutch criminals increasingly get house arrest with an ankle monitor as a sentence in the Netherlands. Last year Dutch judges imposed ankle monitors as punishments 1,759 times, compared to 900 in 2012, BNR reports.

Ankle monitors are mainly imposed on criminals guilty of robberies and drug-related offenses, Sjef van Gennip, director of Probation Netherlands, said to the broadcaster. House arrest with an ankle monitor is often cheaper than keeping someone in prison. It also enables convicts to keep their jobs or continue with their training, which decreases the risk of recurrence. 

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Nov 25 '15 13:45

Forty suspected jihadists are roaming about the Netherlands under the supervision of the probation service, or managed to sneak off to Syria.

Pim Fortuyn
Mar 27 '14 07:56

Volkert van der G. will not get a new identity when he is freed from prison on the 2nd of May. Sjef van Gennip, director of the rehabilitation, announced on Pauw en Witteman Wednesday night.

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