Feb 16 '16 09:14

Several shots were fired at Amsterdam coffeeshop The Power on Sarphatistraat on Tuesday morning. As far as is known, no one was injured

Feb 15 '16 16:05

The police are investigating a bar fight and a shooting in Rotterdam which left one man injured in the leg in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Feb 5 '16 07:15

A man was killed in a shooting incident on Ameidestraat in Rotterdam in the early hours of Friday morning. Several perpetrators fled in the direction of Kleinpolderplein, the police report on Twitter.

Feb 1 '16 15:31

Two armed men who fired shots during a morning raid of a home in Amsterdam Nieuw-West are still on the loose, according to the Parool newspaper. The apparent robbers made their way into the home on Gerrit Stuyverstraat at about 10 a.m. and threatened those inside with a firearm.

Feb 1 '16 10:19

A fugitive shot by police in January during a failed traffic stop and arrest has filed a report against the officer, his attorney told broadcaster AT5. Luciano D. was shot in the arm by police as he drove off when police ordered him out of a car at a busy intersection in Amsterdam West.

No image available
Jan 29 '16 10:30

The police are investigating a shooting in Noordwijk on Thursday night in which a 44 year old man from Wiesbaden was injured.

Jan 21 '16 18:26

Police fired at least six different gunshots during a traffic stop on a busy road in Amsterdam. The driver of the car escaped in the auto with officers continuing to shoot at the car navigating through a busy intersection.

Jan 19 '16 13:50

The police are investigating a shooting incident in Amsterdam early on Tuesday morning. Several shots were fired at a club on Amstelstraat. No one was injured.

Jan 14 '16 08:14

Update, 11:15 a.m., 14 January 2016: A previous report indicated the Dutch UN official was killed in the attack. He was critically injured and taken to an area hospital. Seven people were killed, five terrorists and two civilians, one of which a foreigner. 19 people were injured.

A Dutch United Nations official was critically injured in one of a number of terrorists attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia on Thursday, NOS reports. At least six people were killed in the series of bombings and gunfire, according to local news agency Jakarta Globe.

No image available
Jan 13 '16 07:53

A shooting incident in The Hague on Tuesday left a man and a woman dead. The police are investigating. The current assumption is that the shooting is related to some form of domestic dispute, according to the police.

No image available
Jan 5 '16 08:56

A 26-year-old pregnant Rotterdam woman was killed on Curacao on Sunday. She was wounded in a firefight in the early hours of Sunday morning and died in hospital later in the day

Police sign
Jan 1 '16 14:42

Three people were found shot in a home in the small Gelderland village of Hoenzadriel on Thursday evening. One of the victims died later that day, police said.

Dec 31 '15 08:28

A shooting incident on Allard Personlaan in The Hague early on Wednesday morning left a 56 year old Belorussian man seriously injured. An air ambulance lifted him to a nearby hospital. He is out of life threatening danger, but could not be question by the police as of yet

new police uniform 1
Dec 28 '15 12:23

The police are looking for a man who shot another man in the leg on Adelaarsweg in Amsterdam-Noord on Saturday night.

Dec 15 '15 09:42

A man was seriously injured in a shooting incident on Hendrik Marsmanstraat in Almere on Tuesday morning. An ambulance crew was dispatched to the scene at 6:53 a.m. Fire crews responded to reports of a car fire on Wodanstraat three minutes later.

No image available
Dec 11 '15 09:46

A shooting incident left one man injured and another dead in a home on Burgemeester Meineszlaan in Rotterdam on Thursday night.

Suzan Yucel
Nov 14 '15 11:34

Amsterdam-based journalist Suzan Yücel narrowly escaped injury during the attacks in Paris on Friday night. The AT5 reporter was supposed to eat dinner at Petit Le Cambodge with a friend, and had a pre-dinner drink at Le Carillon while waiting for a table to open up.

new police uniform 1
Nov 12 '15 12:02

The victim wounded in the shooting incident on Derkinderenstraat in Amsterdam on Wednesday afternoon, is a 49 year old man from Leiden, the police says. He is recovering in the hospital and is not in life-threatening danger.

Nov 11 '15 21:55

One person was wounded during a shooting in the Slotervaart area of Amsterdam on Wednesday evening, police said. It happened at the same building where Haydar Zengin, a Turkish nationalist and former attorney, was found dead from a gunshot wound last month.

Nov 5 '15 14:08

A man was injured in a shooting incident on Fergat street in Diemen-Noord on Thursday afternoon. The balaclava wearing gunman was waiting for the victim and fired on him with a Kalashnikov when he arrived in his car.

Police sign
Oct 30 '15 12:06

The teenager that was wounded in the shooting on Marga Klompelaan in Amsterdam on Thursday night, is 19 year old Semih K. He one of several suspect in the 2013 murder of 35 year old Omar Kourrich

No image available
Oct 30 '15 10:24

A 19 year old boy was injured in a shooting incident on Marga Klompelaan in Amsterdam on Thursday night. He was taken to a hospital and discharged after treatment.

new police uniform 1
Oct 8 '15 09:10

A man has been left dead after a shooting incident took place on the balcony at the Zevenkampse Ring in Rotterdam on Wednesday night. When police, ambulance and a mobile team arrived on the scene it was already too late. Police reported that the man had died instantly.

Leiden univ threat
Oct 6 '15 13:54

Police presence has been visibly increased at Leiden University after social media bulletin-board site 4Chan received a post that threatened a shooting at the university on Tuesday morning. The message was received by police and as yet the authenticity has not been confirmed, reported


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