Jan 9 '17 07:33

Bert Jonker, director of engineering company Clafis, and his family are in hiding after Jonker was the victim of a shooting in Heerenveen on Saturday. Jonker was shot in the hand in the parking lot of the Thialf skating stadium.

The decision to move Jonker and his family to a secret address was made because the suspected gunman in the shooting is still at large, reports. The police call on him to turn himself in.

Emergency services on Branding in Hellevoetsluis after a double shooting, 26 Dec 2016
Jan 6 '17 09:06

A 24-year-old man from Hellevoetsluis turned himself in at a police station in Dordrecht on Thursday. He was internationally wanted for a fatal shooting in his home-town on Boxing Day. This means that all four suspects in the case is now in custody, the police said in a statement.

Emergency services on Branding in Hellevoetsluis after a double shooting, 26 Dec 2016
Dec 27 '16 08:34

Two men aged 25 and 29 years were passed away after a shooting in Hellevoetsluis on Monday night, the Rotterdam police said on Twitter. The shooting happened on Branding around 6:00 p.m.

Emergency services, including paramedics and air ambulances, responded to the scene, according to ANP. Paramedics resuscitated the two victims and rushed them to a hospital. The 29-year-old man was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at te hospital. The 25-year-old died during the early hours of Tuesday morning, the police said on Twitter. 

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Dec 27 '16 07:35

A man was inured in a shooting on Vier Heemskinderenstraat in Amsterdam around 11:15 p.m. on Monday. He was taken to hospital, the police said on Twitter. His condition is unknown.

According to RTV Noordh-Holland, a mobile medical team and the fire department responded to the shooting. The victim was strapped to a stretcher and hoisted from an apartment on the second story. The police say that the shooting happened in a home. 

The victim was still conscious when helped arrived, according to the police.

Dec 12 '16 14:20

Two men from Berg en Terblijt in Limburg were arrested over the weekend on suspicion of involvement in a shooting in Rotterdam on Friday. A 23-year-old man from Rotterdam was also arrested, 1Limburg reports.

During the early hours of Friday morning the police received a report of guns shots in Tarwewijk, Rotterdam. A short time later a man showed up at a police station claiming that he was threatened with firearms. The victim, a 25-year-old man from Rotterdam, was taken to a hospital, where a bullet was found in his upper body. 

Dec 12 '16 11:43

A 40-year-old man from Almere was injured in a shooting on IJburglaan in Amsterdam early on Monoday orning. He was rushed to the hospital. His condition is unclear, RTV Noord-Holland reports.

The shooting was first reported to the police around 4:00 a.m. Officers responded to the scen eand found the wounded man. He was still conscious and told the police that he'd been shot. 

Dec 12 '16 07:41

A 52-year-old man from IJmuiden was stabbed to death at a company in the city on Sunday morning A 55-year-old man was arrested as suspect later on Sunday, after being shot in the leg by the police.

The suspect fled the scene of the stabbing on Ruyterstraat in the Zeeheldenbuurt, the police said in a statement. The police released his description - blood covered man around the age of 30 carrying a shopping bag - on Burgernet. The man was spotted in Driehuis later that afternoon.

Dec 7 '16 14:45

The court in Den Bosch acquitted police officer Ronald V. on appeal for shooting an innocent passenger in a getaway car in 2013. When the case was first tried, the Kerkrade police officer was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison, AD reports.

V., his family and many colleagues were in court to hear the verdict.

Dec 2 '16 09:02

A shooting incident involving a Kalashnikov or other form of assault rifle in Putte on Wednesday left a young couple terrified. An Audi parked on Schoolstraat was riddled with bullets. And one stray bullet shot straight through the couple's house.

Nov 24 '16 12:20

One person was injured in a shooting in Amsterdam-Noord on Thursday morning. The person was rushed to a hospital in unknown condition, according to the Amsterdam police on Twitter.

The shooting was first reported around 10:40 a.m. A wounded an was found on the street and rushed to the hospital.

According to the police, closer investigation revealed that shots were likely fired in an apartment building on H. Cleyndertweg. The police surrounded the building and sent a SWAT team in to search for a suspect. No suspect was found.

The police are investigating. 

Nov 18 '16 08:41

The woman found dead on a bridge near Maldenhof in Amsterdam Zuidoost on Thursday morning, is 28-year-old woman from Zuidoost. She was the mother of a 6-year-old child, AT5 reports.

The victim was killed in a shooting, the police confirmed. She had no criminal record. The motive for her murder is unclear.

The woman's body was found by bystanders on Thursday morning. Emergency services tried to resuscitate her, but it was to no avail. The young mother died at the scene. 

Nov 17 '16 11:19

The body of a woman was found on a bridge near Maldenhof in Amsterdam on Thursday morning. She died "under suspicious circumstances", a police spokesperson said to AT5.

According to the police, there was a shooting. But the spokesperson could not confirm whether the woman died as a result of the shooting. The police investigation will determine this.

The police are searching the area with a helicopter and sniffer dogs.

A local resident told the broadcaster that two shots were fired around 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.


Nov 15 '16 08:03

Two suspects arrested after a fatal shooting in Amsterdam on Friday night, were released again on Monday, the Public Prosecutor announced. They are still considered suspects, but at this stage there is no evidence that they fired any shots, the Prosecutor said, according to Het Parool.

The shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. on Friday in front of shisha cafe Atlas on Ten Katestraat. 18-year-old Naoufal Mohammadi was killed. Two other men, age 22 and 24 both from Amsterdam, were slightly injured. They were treated in hospital and were sent home on Saturday.

Naoufal Mohammadi, killed in a shooting on Ten Katestraat in Amsterdam on 11 Nov 2016
Nov 14 '16 15:00

The Huygens College in Amsterdam held a minute of silence on Monday for 18-year-old Naoufal Mohammadi, who was killed in a shooting on Ten Katestraat on Friday. The school also set up a room with a commemorative book in which friends and acquaintances can write a message to Naoufal's family, Het Parool reports.

Nov 9 '16 10:32

The building of housing association Ymere in Haarlem was the target of a shooting during the early hours of Tuesday morning. The windows of the building on Jetty Velustraat were hit by several bullets around 3:00 a.m., the Telegraaf reports.

The police are investigating. So far no arrests were made. No one was injured. 

According to the Telegraaf, the building was also targeted in a shooting last week.

Nov 9 '16 09:44

The police arrested four people suspected of involvement in a fatal shooting in Rotterdam in July. A 35-year-old man from Rotterdam was killed, ANP reports.

Two men from Amsterdam, age 23 and 19 years, were arrested in Dordrecht on Tuesday. They are suspected of manslaughter and murder, according to te police. Two other suspects were arrested earlier - a 24-year-old man from Amsterdam and a 28-year-old man without a fixed address. What they are suspected of is unclear.

Nov 8 '16 14:00

The police arrested a 23-year-old man in Amsterdam on Monday on suspicion of involvemet in a shooting at coffeeshop DNA on Achillesstraat in Zuid. Narcotics and cash were confiscated in the arrest, Het Parool reports.

Nov 1 '16 13:40

Restaurant Greenhouse Kitchen on Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam was closed down by order of Mayor Eberhard van der Laan following a shooting at the restaurant early on Monday morning. The restaurant is closed indefinitely "in the interest of public order", according to the notice stuck to its door, AD reports. 

Oct 31 '16 14:35

The police arrested three men and two women in a cafe on Bergewg on Sunday morning in connection with a shooting. Several local residents reported hearing gunshots and seeing people fleeing into the cafe, the police said in a statement.

The reports started coming in at the police station around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday. Officers carefully approached the cafe on the corrner of Bergweg and Vijverhofstraat, but due to the closed shutters, could not make out what was going on inside.

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Oct 31 '16 13:20

Multiple shots were fired at restaurant Greenhouse Kitchen on Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam during the early hours of Monday morning. The police cordoned off the area for invstigation. No one was in the restaurant when the shooting happened and as far as is known, no one got hurt, Het Parool reports.

A local resident reported hearing gun shots on the street around 3:30 a.m. The police investigated, but saw nothing suspicious. Only when an employee opened the restaurant's front door on Monday morning, were two bullet holes found in the window.

Police at the scene of a shooting on Nijerodeweg in Amsterdam, 28 Oct 2016
Oct 28 '16 13:00

The Amsterdam police arrested one suspect on Friday morning after shots were fired in an aparment on Nijerodeweg in Buitenveldert. As far as is known, no one was injured, Het Parool reports.

According to the newspaper, the neighbors called the police when they heard gun shots. It is not clear how many shots were fired.

The shooting happened near a Jewish school, but is not connected to the school, according to the police and the school. 

The police are at the scene in large numbers. 

Shooting at Green Place coffeeshop on Kloveniersburgwal in Amterdam, 27 Sept 2016
Oct 27 '16 09:22

The police released footage of a shooting at Green Palace coffeeshop on Kloveniersburgwal in late September in the hopes that information from the public may lead to an arrest. The shooting happened at 4:15 a.m. on September 27th.

The footage show a man driving up on a gray scooter from the direction of the Nieuwmarkts. He pulls a gun from his bag and starts shooting. Something seems to be wrong with the gun and e calmly takes the time to solve the problem and resume his shooting.

The coffeeshop was hit at least once. It was closed at the time and no one was injured.

No image available
Oct 25 '16 09:06

Another coffeeshop was the target of an overnight shooting in Amsterdam. At least three shots were fired at coffeeshop Vondel on Overtoom during the early hours of Tuesday morning, AT5 reports.

The coffeeshop was already closed when the shooting happened. It is unclear whether anyone was still in the building. The police are at the scene investigating.

new police uniform 1
Oct 20 '16 13:15

The police believe that six shootings at Amsterdam coffeeshops in less than a year's time may be connected, a spokesperson said to the Telegraaf. According to the police, it is "unlikely" that it involves six separate incidents.


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