sexual abuse

Dec 23 '16 07:31

Sports federation NOC*NSF wants to launch a major investigation into sexual abuse in the sports world that will focus on the past 30 years, the Volkskrant reported on Friday. The aim is to find out whether there are abuse victims in the Netherlands that never came forward.

"It is important for sports to be familiar with its own history", NOC*NSF CEO Gerard Dielessen said to the Volkskrant. According to him, sexual abuse victims carry a massive burden. He believes this investigation can support abused athletes who want to come forward with their story.

Catholic Church
Oct 25 '16 11:40

So far the Roman Catholic Church paid nearly 30 million euros in damages to Dutch victims of sexual abuse, De Limburger reports.

A complaint committee set up to investigate the abuse received a total of 3,678 reports of people being sexually abused in the Roman Catholic Church. Of these 2,060 were sent through for further investigation and 1,000 were determined to be grounded. At least 300 people dealt with exceptionally serious abuse, for which the compensation can be up to 100 thousand euros.

Sep 15 '16 12:50

The court in Utrecht convicted Michel van L. from Vianen of sexually abusing children and making and distributing child pornography. He was sentenced to four years in prison and institutionalized psychiatric treatment

Sep 15 '16 12:20

Nearly half of rape victims were previously sexually abused or assaulted, according to a survey among 300 rape victims by the Center Sexual Violence Utrecht

Jun 22 '16 07:59

A man and woman were arrested in Spain last week in connection with a large international investigation into child trafficking and exploitation. The investigation was launched in Amsterdam last year when the Dutch police noticed that kids were being used for pickpocketing, shoplifting and thefts in the city, the police announced on Wednesday.

Amanda Todd
May 30 '16 11:55

The number of reports of children and young people being sexually abused online in the Netherlands increased again last year. Hotline Help Wanted received over 1,500 of online sexual abuse of minors, about 200 more than in 2014. In 2013 there were only 750 reports, the organization confirmed to news wire ANP after reports by broadcaster NOS.

Amanda Todd
Apr 29 '16 15:10

The court in Amsterdam suspended the trial against Aydin C. until Monday to give the suspect time to find a lawyer. C. is standing trial for sexually abusing and extorting 34 girls via webcam. One of his victims was Canadian teen Amanda Todd.

Apr 25 '16 15:30

Six cases of sexual abuse by Buddhist monks in the Netherlands were reported to the specially established hotline over the past six months. According to Director Arda Gerkens, some of the cases concern matters that are already public, but there are a few new ones too

Apr 20 '16 15:30

The Catholic Church is allowing the foundation behind the hotline for child abuse in the church to investigate all cases of sexual abuse that were handled and financially settled in secret. The hotline hopes that these documents will provide supporting evidence for victims who don't have enough in the official complaints procedure

Apr 14 '16 09:41

The diocese of Groningen/Friesland is paying a total of 700 thousand euros in compensation to two victims of sexual abuse within the diocese, according to the annual report of Hotline Sexual Abuse Roman Catholic Church

Apr 6 '16 10:26

Reports of sexual abuse in schools are increasing, the Education Inspectorate announced on Wednesday. A total of 112 reports were received in the 2014/2015 school year, compared to 86 reports in the previous year. Dutch parliamentarians are shocked by these figures.

Mar 10 '16 10:04

Leonie Vestering, provincial leader of animal party PvdD, pressed charges against the dolphinarium in Hardewijk for sexually abusing the animals in their charge

Mar 4 '16 10:31

A former Amsterdam teacher was arrested in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on Monday. He is suspected of sexually abusing his students, the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam confirmed

no image
Mar 3 '16 08:47

Sweetie 2.0 is going online in April. Sweetie is a virtual little girl, created by Terre des Hommes, used to lure and trap people looking for webcam sex with children. Sweetie 1.0 traced a thousand men wanting online sex with her in just two months

Feb 15 '16 16:55

An alert issued by Netherlands asylum authority COA forbidding young asylum-seeking women and girls from visiting a Rotterdam church originated in an unsubstantiated internal memo, the church’s lawyer asserted on Monday. The ban, revealed in January, suggested there were several instances of minors sexual abused at the Eritrean community church.

Oisterwijk Asylum Center
Jan 30 '16 13:53

Some 312 asylum seekers in the Netherlands tried to take their own lives last year, according to figures released by the COA, the agency tasked with handling the reception of those seeking refuge. Another 369 also reportedly attempted “self-destructive actions” like self-mutilation or hunger strikes, the police department reported.

Jan 12 '16 11:28

The central agency for the reception of asylum seekers in the Netherlands COA is advising minor Eritrean girls not to attend church services at the Eritrean Orthodox Church in Rotterdam after the organization received numerous signals of young women being abused in the community around the church

Jan 4 '16 16:45

The municipality of Amsterdam launched a telephone hotline for victims of sexual violence which will guide victims towards medical, forensic and psychological assistance as they need it. According to the municipality, there is a growing need for assistance for victims

Nov 26 '15 12:55

A 51 year old man from Roerdalen, Limburg is suspected of raping and sexually abusing two teenage girls, one of them his daughter, over a period of 14 years. His daughter fell pregnant with his child when she was 14 years old.

Nov 19 '15 15:35

The Rotterdam police and Public Prosecutor are investigating a new webcam abuse case in which dozens of underage girls and girls with mental disabilities were talked into adopting sexual poses and committing sexual acts in front of a webcam.

Nov 6 '15 08:32

A few months of investigation has revealed structural, systemic child abuse in childcare institutions, according to the commission-De Winter. The commission has already received 70 reports, a remarkably high number given that no reporting center has been set up yet.

Jul 29 '15 12:23

A massive 40.6 percent of young women between the ages of 12 and 25 years have experienced non-volitional sex. Among young men of the same age group, that percentage is 20.4

Jul 6 '15 15:23

The court in Zwolle on Monday sentenced two police officers from Overijssel to 2.5 years in prison for sexually abusing a drunk woman in their patrol car while on duty, ANP reports.

Jun 4 '15 11:02

Buddhist authorities ignored the warnings they received in at least two cases of Buddhist monk sexual abuse, NOS reports based on a reconstruction of events.


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