Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences

Mosquito (Source: Wikimedia/JJ Harrison)
Nov 23 '17 17:00

After ten years of research and testing by the university hospitals in Leiden and Nijmegen, a malaria vaccine seems to be on the horizon. Tests on 19 human subjects in the Netherlands over the past six months seem to indicate a breakthrough. They were injected with genetically weakened malaria parasites and none of them got malaria, NOS reports.

Aug 10 '17 13:50

The number of university-educated teachers in Dutch classrooms is decreasing, while this type of teacher is still very necessary, the royal Netherlands academy of sciences KNAW warns. Teachers with a university background are essential to prepare school pupils for their university studies, according to the academy, Het Parool reports.

Apr 6 '15 09:23

A new large-scale diagnostic center for cancer research is set to be established in Utrecht, Hans Clevers, the outgoing president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNWA), announced in the program De Kennis van Nu, RTL reports. The project will cost about 25 million euros.

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