Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Aug 3 '18 08:54

There are plans in motion to ban smoking on multiple Rotterdam streets in the area around Erasmus MC, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Erasmiaans Gymnasium, AD reports. According to non-smokers association Clean Air Nederland, if these plans succeed, Rotterdam will be the first municipality to implement a smoking ban for entire streets.

Grenfell Tower in London fire still smoldering after the overnight fire, 14 June 2017
Jan 22 '18 14:00

The facade panels that caused a disastrous fire in the Grenfell tower in London, were also used in multiple skyscrapers in the Netherlands, fire safety inspector Peter van der Leur of consultancy firm DGMR said to newspaper Trouw. He could not say on how many buildings exactly these flammable panels were used, but said that he encountered several buildings with facade panels that do not meet safety requirements. 

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