Jan 21 '16 09:02

D66 parliamentarian Wassila Hachchi resigned from the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, and is heading to the United States to campaign for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the party announced on Wednesday

Rob van Gijzel
Dec 2 '15 08:03

Rob van Gijzel will be stepping down as mayor of Eindhoven in the fall of 2016. He announced his decision to the city council on Tuesday evening

FC Twente
Nov 25 '15 16:50

Aldo van der Laan announced his resignation as president of FC Twente following leaked documents that revealed a deal with outside investors on the transfer of players. According to Van der Laan, doubts caused by this deal is damaging the football club

Nov 16 '15 11:15

Johan Cruijff has resigned from his position as adviser for the Amsterdam football club Ajax, due to a lack of confidence in the club's directors and a feeling that he is being thwarted in the execution of his plan.

Nov 10 '15 08:50

ChristenUnie leader Arie Slob has announced his resignation from national politics. Prime Minister Mark Rutte calls his decision "unfortunate, and wishes him all the best for the future.

Oct 29 '15 07:33

Sharon Dijksma, the current State Secretary of Economic Affairs, seems to be the most popular candidate to succeed Wilma Mansveld as State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment. Mansveld stepped down on Wednesday following the report on the fiasco surrounding high-speed train Fyra.

Oct 28 '15 15:01

Wilma Mansveld has resigned as State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment following the report on the Fyra fiasco. The report's findings made it impossible for her to keep her position

Oct 15 '15 13:29

Another top official in the National Police has announced his resignation. On Thursday Eric Stolwijk, director of Communications, announced that he will be stepping down as of January 1st next year.

Aug 3 '15 08:58

Delta Lloyd's chief financial officer Emiel Roozen has resigned due to conflict between the insurer and De Nederlandsche Bank over confidential information.

Jul 2 '15 12:47

Willem-Jan van den Dijssel will be stepping down as interim CEO of Holland Casino as of August 1st, the casino announced on Wednesday. An investigation into his claims revealed that Van den Dijssel made private charges to a business credit card and repaid it late.

Jun 12 '15 13:20

Mayor Henk Heijman of Bussum has resigned due to the continued publicity surrounding his expenses claims. He informed the city council on Thursday that he has asked King Willem-Alexander to relieve him of his duties with immediate effect.

May 28 '15 08:02

Mayor Hans Gerritsen of Haaksbergen resigned on Wednesday night, acknowledging that the city council no longer has enough confidence in him after the drama surrounding the monster truck accident. "The confidence of the council is crucial for a mayor", Gerritsen said.

May 25 '15 11:43

More than half of Dutch voters think that State Secretary Martin van Rijn of Public Health should resign because of the chaos surrounding the personal payments. This is according to the latest poll by Maurice de Hond.

May 22 '15 12:23

D66 parliamentarian Gerard Schouw is leaving politics after 25 years of being active for the D66. From August 1st this year he will be the CEO of Nefarma, the Dutch Association for Innovative Medicines, the party announced on their website.

May 19 '15 10:53

The commissioner of the King Johan Remkes has ordered an investigation into Bussum Mayor Henk Heijman's expense claims. Heijman has decided to resign his duties during the investigation and informed the municipal council of Bussum of his decision on Monday.

Bram van Ojik
May 12 '15 12:40

GroenLinks leader Bram van Ojik resigned his roles as both leader of leftist party GroenLinks and his position as a Member of Parliament. He announced the decision in a letter to his fellow party members on Tuesday.

May 7 '15 12:06

Alkmaar Alderman Peter de Baat resigned on Wednesday night due to a 14.3 million euros deficit in the budget.

Apr 20 '15 10:08

Rector magnificus Dymph van den Boom has been appointed the interim chairman of the University of Amsterdam's Executive Board, NRC reports. She is temporarily succeeding Louise Gunning, who resigned on Sunday.

Apr 2 '15 12:17

Ronald van Zetten, CEO of Dutch department store Hema, is resigning after 12 years, Trouw reports. His resignation takes effect on April 13th, the company announced on Wednesday.

Mar 24 '15 12:18

VVD Parliamentarian René Leegte resigned from the Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) today due to an integrity issue.

No image available
Mar 11 '15 14:57

Within two days, an IT company hired by former Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten located a receipt documenting the payoff that his former deputy, Secretary Fred Teeven, made to a drug criminal. Opstelten had claimed the receipt was untraceable.

Mar 10 '15 07:39

Minister Stef Blok (Housing and National Service) will be taking over the duties of the Ministry of Security and Justice until a new Justice Minister has been selected, the Koninklijk Huis announced

No image available
Mar 9 '15 22:09

Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten and his deputy, Secretary Fred Teeven, resigned Monday night from the government, they announced during consecutive press conferences at the ministry. The two stepped down from office over a settlement deal Teeven made as prosecutor, that gave 4.7-million guilders tax free to criminal Cees H. in 2001.

Jan Marijnissen
Mar 7 '15 09:10

The Socialist Party (SP) chairman Jan Marijnissen must resign, SP's Brabant representative Johan van den Hout told NRC Handelsblad. Van den Hout condemns the "unpleasant way" the party chairman of over 25 years deals with other party members.


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