Ard van der Steur
Jan 27 '17 08:01

Almost all the leaders of political parties feel that Ard van der Steur's decision to resign after accusations of him withholding information from MPs was inevitable. Most Dutch newspapers also seem to respect his decision to step down, but point out that there are still unanswered questions and that the VVD's position is more fragile than ever.

Dec 27 '16 14:25

A total of 42 Dutch parliamentarians resigned since the previous election in 2012. That is the most of any cabinet since 1981, the Financieele Dagblad reports based on data from the Parliamentary Documentation Center of Leiden University. On average 35 parliamentarians resign during a typical four year term of government. 

Nov 16 '16 15:00

The head of the Police's safety and security department DBB resigned on Wednesday after a critical report on unrest and discontent in the service surrounding the culture, work conditions and atmosphere there, reports

The DBB specializes in personal security and safety. It protects members of the royal family and their visitors, politicians, diplomats and other designated persons. Officers working for the DBB were informed of the contents of the report. 

Oct 26 '16 08:06

Marijke Stroucken is stepping down as human resources director at the National Police after she hid a damning report about problems at the police call center from her superiors, AD reports.

Oct 10 '16 13:15

Ger Lindeman resigned as PvdA alderman in Hoogezand because he was being blackmailed with sexually explicit texts with a 14-year-old girl. He calls it a "stupid mistake"

Oct 7 '16 15:30

Jozias van Aartsen is stepping down as mayor of The Hague on March 1st, he said in a letter to the municipal council on Friday

Gerrit Zalm
Sep 13 '16 09:03

Gerrit Zalm will be stepping down as CEO of ABN Amro next year, instead of in May 2018 when his contract runs out, the bank announced on Tuesday. The bank’s supervisory board will announce his successor and exact date of departure at a later date, reports.

Aug 29 '16 08:39

Bert van Oostveen, director of professional football in the Netherlands, is leaving the KNVB this week. With the appointment of Hans van Breukelen as technical director, a number of Van Oosteveen's tasks are falling away, giving him the chance to step down

Gerrit Zalm
Jul 19 '16 08:58

ABN Amro CEO Gerrit Zalm will be leaving the bank earlier than expected. Zalm is stepping down next year, instead of in 2018 when his contract ends, the Financieele Dagblad reports based on sources involved in finding a successor.

new police uniform 1
Jun 21 '16 16:20

Frank Giltay resigned as chairman of the police's Central Works Council on Tuesday following irregularities around expenses made under his supervision, the National Police confirmed to

Jun 10 '16 11:11

All seven members of the University of Amsterdam's Supervisory Board resigned, the university announced in a statement on Friday. This is to "make space for new members".

2016-05-08 De Graafschap-Ajax
May 12 '16 11:30

Frank de Boer resigned as coach of Ajax, the Amsterdam club announced in a press release on Thursday. After two disappointing seasons, it is time for something new, De Boer said.

May 6 '16 10:23

PvdA parliamentarian Tanja Jadnanansing will not be returning to the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, after the elections 2017. She wants to focus on her true passion - teaching kids and young people

Apr 29 '16 13:00

Darren Huston is stepping down as CEO of hotel reservation site and also of parent company Priceline Group with immediate effect. He broke the company's internal codes of conduct by having an affair with one of his employees at the Amsterdam head office

Apr 19 '16 13:55

Renkum mayor Jean Paul Gebben handed in his resignation following the commotion around a photo showing him in a seemingly intimate position with an underage girl.

Apr 15 '16 13:50

Former parliamentarian Wassila Hachchi resigned from the D66, she and the party announced in a joint statement. Her decision was made in consultation with the party following critique about her sudden departure from Parliament in January to go work on the Hillary Clinton campaign, where she's only done volunteer work so far.

Apr 7 '16 14:15

Bert Meerstadt is resigning as member of ABN Amro's supervisory board with immediate effect, following reports that his name was mentioned in the Panama Papers - 11.5 million documents, spreadsheets, emails and other files leaked from Panamanian legal consultancy Mossack Fonseca that form the basis of a worldwide investigation into tax evasion.

Apr 6 '16 09:34

Alexandre de Juniac is stepping down as CEO Air France-KLM this summer. As of June 1st he will be working as chairman of the international trade association for airlines IATA, the Dutch-French airline group announced on Tuesday.

Ally 2014 300
Apr 5 '16 12:20

Documentary festival IDFA founder and director Ally Derks announced her resignation, effective November next year. She will be working for the Robert Bosch Foundation in Berlin for a year.

Mar 15 '16 10:44

Hans Amman, vice chairman of the University of Amsterdam's executive board, handed in his resignation. He fulfilled the position for two years

Feb 19 '16 11:24

Michael Heemels suddenly resigned as spokesman for PVV leader Geert Wilders on Thursday. His resignation is because of "financial missteps" caused by "problematic drug and alcohol use", according tot he press statement he released via his lawyer

No Surrender
Feb 17 '16 10:55

No Surrender founder Klaas Otto resigned as leader of the motorcycle gang, because he is tired of his name always being linked with the club. He announced his resignation during a club meeting on Tuesday.

Feb 5 '16 07:37

Michiel Heemels, spokesperson for PVV leader Geert Wilders, resigned as Member and leader of the PVV in the provincial council of Limburg, he announced on Thursday. In a statement he gives the reason for his resignation that there is doubt within the group about his integrity and functioning

Jan 28 '16 07:33

Yet another parliamentarian is leaving the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, before his term is up. VVD MP Bart de Liefde announced his resignation. He will soon be working as a manager at taxi platform Uber. Just a week ago D66 parliamentarian Wassila Hachchi resigned to go campaigning for U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, causing a bit of a stir in the Kamer.


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