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Oct 29 '15 07:57

VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra is not the only party leader to receive threats in connection with the asylum debate. CDA leader Sybrand Buma, D66 leader Alexander and GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver also recently received threats.

Geert Wilders Purmerend borders closed
Oct 28 '15 11:54

PVV leader Geert Wilders has announced that he will be in Rotterdam on November 7th to protest against the asylum center planned for Beverwaard. This announcement came just one day after he co-signed a letter with the other party leaders in parliament asking citizens to keep a cool head in the asylum debate.

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Oct 28 '15 08:23

The residents meeting in Wormerland on Tuesday night over the shelter of refugees, went down without a hitch. Before the meeting there were concerns about irregularities due to GroenLinks council member Harold Halewijn's cars being set alight earlier that day. He believes the arson has to do with his standpoint on refugees.

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Oct 28 '15 07:58

Almost all party leaders in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, released a joint statement against the violent escalation seen during refugee discussions in the Netherlands over the past weeks. They call on their voters to show more mutual understanding and tolerance and not to confuse threats and insults with debate.

asylum seekers
Oct 27 '15 13:40

The number of asylum seekers seeking refuge in the Netherlands this past week has dropped by 27 percent compared to the week before. The Ministry of Security and Justice reported 1,600 refugee entering the Netherlands in the week of October 19th –October 25th, 600 less than the week before.

Oct 27 '15 13:36

GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver thinks that the "assholes" who threaten councilors should be dealt with harshly. He expressed this sentiment to broadcaster NOS after GroenLinks faction leader in Wormerland Harold Halewijn's cars were set on fire in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

asylum seekers
Oct 27 '15 13:12

The information meeting in Wormerland on sheltering asylum seekers will still happen on Tuesday night, despite GroenLinks chairman Harold Halweijn's cars being set on fire on Monday. The municipality and the police will organize extra security for the evening.

British Embassy fire in The Hague - 2015
Oct 27 '15 07:51

Two cars went up in flames in Oostknollendam, Noord-Holland on Monday night. Both cars belonged to Harold Halewijn, chairman of the GroenLinks faction in the Wormerland municipal council. As the cars were not parked right next to each other, it is very likely that arson was involved

Oct 26 '15 11:43

The Immigration and Naturalization Service should be strengthened and expanded in order to be able to deal with the ever increasing number of refugees arriving in the Netherlands.

asylum seekers
Oct 23 '15 14:08

The Flevoland provincial director, Leen Verbeek has written a critical letter to the cabinet on the accommodation of refugees. "Our society must now pay a high price for non-sufficient infrastructure to accommodate and counsel refugees", Verbeek wrote

Oct 23 '15 12:10

The police arrested a 39 year old man from Rosmalen on Thursday for posting a death threat against 'sHertogenbosch mayor Ton Rombouts online due to the planned refugee center in Coudewater.

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Oct 23 '15 09:27

Rotterdam football club Feyenoord and fans are annoyed that the club has been linked with the aggressive debate on a possible asylum center in the West-Brabant town of Steenbergen. They feel that there is no reason to do so and it puts the club in a bad light.

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Oct 22 '15 13:00

Theaters, stages and cinemas around the Leidseplein in Amsterdam donated the proceeds of ticket sales on Wednesday to refugee charity VluchtelingenWerk Nederland. This amounted to some 37 thousand euros.

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Oct 22 '15 09:19

The meeting in Steenbergen on Wednesday evening to discuss the possible opening of an asylum center in the municipality, devolved to the point where it was mostly about Islam bashing. Most of the twenty or so speakers were firmly opposed to the idea of a refugee center.

asylum seekers
Oct 21 '15 08:23

A record number of refugees applied for asylum in the Netherlands in September. A total of 8.4 thousand asylum seekers and people joining family members were registered, an increase of 21 percent compared to August.

Oct 20 '15 12:50

On Monday State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff sent a letter to the refugees in the Netherlands in which he explains that the asylum process will take longer and that they will have to spend more time living in asylum centers. The Association of Dutch Municipalities thinks it's great that the State Secretary sent the letter, but finds that more clarity is needed.

asylum seekers
Oct 20 '15 11:03

Nieuwegein approved the opening of an asylum center in the former nursing home Zuilenstein on Monday night. This asylum center will provide a temporary home to up to 140 asylum refugees who have been given a residency permit.

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Oct 19 '15 14:48

One family in Rijssen has decided not to send their son back to school after the autumn holidays because of the 150 refugees the municipality will be offering shelter in De Stroekeld gymnasium in the town. He is very concerned about the refugees staying in the gymnasium close to his son's school.

Geert Wilders
Oct 19 '15 09:39

The Dutch population currently has more confidence in PVV leader Geert Wilders than in Prime Minister Mark Rutte. In Maurice de Hond's weekly poll, the respondents gave Wilders a confidence score of 4.2. The Prime Minister only scored a 3.9.

Ronald Plasterk
Oct 16 '15 13:42

Minister Ronald Plasterk of Home Affairs is concerned about the death threats sent to a number of city politicians in response to the shelter of asylum seekers. In this week officials in both Rijswijk and Rijssen-Holten received threats after the municipalities agreed to open refugee centers in the areas

Oct 15 '15 15:20

Tent camps are not safe places for refugees to stay during the winter months, according Neptunus, one of the leading tent manufacturers in the Netherlands. The company calls it irresponsible to have refugees sleeping in tents, especially with the risk of storms and snowfall.

asylum seekers
Oct 15 '15 12:41

Rijssen-Holten Mayor Arco Hofland is being threatened with death because of plans to open an emergency refugee shelter in the municipality. The threats were made in a letter that was sent to RTV Oost.

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Oct 15 '15 11:40

This year's costs for sheltering asylum seekers are heading towards the one billion euros mark, according to Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem of Finance. "That is the reality we are now faced with."

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Oct 14 '15 17:03

The parliamentary debate on asylum seekers in the Netherlands once again fell into chaos Wednesday afternoon. Party leaders flung insults back and forth, with PVV leader Geert Wilders simultaneously on the attack and receiving end of most remarks. It devolved to the point where Tweede Kamer president Anouchka van Miltenburg had to tell her colleagues not to curse each other out.


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