refugee crisis

Oct 14 '15 14:17

Anti-refugee slogans have been spray-painted onto the wall of a gymnasium in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. The gymnasium is currently accommodating 25 refugees.

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Oct 14 '15 14:02

A number of Rijswijk city councilors have received threatening letter after the council agreed with the arrival of an asylum center in the municipality last week. Both Rijswjk mayor Michiel Bezuijen and Prime Minister Mark Rutte called this "totally unacceptable". The Prime Minister went as far as to describe the incidents as bizarre, appalling and reprehensible.

Oct 14 '15 10:17

The total number of refugees seeking asylum in the Netherlands this year is expected to reach between 50 thousand and 60 thousand. Over the past few weeks, the number of asylum applications fluctuated between 2,400 and 4,200 per week.

Oct 13 '15 15:17

A Syrian family of 6 that have been dropped off by a German bus driver at the Amsterdam Dockyard, have ended up inside the main hall of De Telegraaf, reported the broadcaster. De Telegraaf reported the man saying, “He had no idea where to go in our country. He was only to told to go the police”, which are reported to be failing miserably.

Oct 13 '15 09:04

The Jewish community of Amsterdam-Zuid are concerned about the arrival of a refugee center in Amstelveen-Noord, which local residents were informed about on Monday night. The proposed shelter will house 400 refugees, mostly from Syria and Iraq.

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Oct 12 '15 16:13

The PvdA has agreed with coalition partner VVD's proposal to no longer give recognized refugees priority in the distribution of social housing, on the condition that enough container homes are built to encourage the flow through asylum centers. The coalition has also adjusted their wording for the approach - the Netherlands is getting a "sober and fair" asylum policy.

Oct 12 '15 09:38

The VVD wants to encourage asylum seekers to go back to their own regions by sobering the shelter in the Netherlands with limited social services. The D66, on the other hand, wants the government to allocate extra money to help refugees learn Dutch as quickly as possible so that they can start working and properly integrate into Dutch society.

Sep 24 '15 17:53

Unless the migrant crisis in Europe is addressed properly, there could be a surge of right-wing extremism across the continent, said Frans Timmermans, the First Vice-President of the European Commission. Speaking on BBC Radio, the former Dutch foreign affairs minister added that people who do not have a rightful claim to asylum should be swiftly deported.

Sep 22 '15 12:25

Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid a surprise visit to the emergency refugee shelter in the former prison in Haarlem on Monday night. A total of 250 refugees have been staying there since Thursday night.

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Sep 22 '15 09:31

The Red Cross' call for volunteers on Monday has had a massive effect - 6,500 volunteers have registered with the Red Cross in one day, doubling their volunteers to a total of 13 thousand.

Vluchtgarage protesters in Vondelpark 1
Sep 21 '15 09:12

Over the past decade Dutch municipalities with people with low incomes have taken in more than three times as many refugees than municipalities with wealthy residents.

Sep 21 '15 08:24

The Red Cross is desperately searching for more volunteers to help with what they call "the largest aid operation in years" - the refugee influx. The organization has therefore launched a new recruitment campaign.

Geert Wilders
Sep 18 '15 08:53

At the end of the general debate in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Thursday, PVV leader Geert Wilders claimed that the Kamer no longer represents "the people" and called it a "fraudulent parliament". This statement received scorn from D66 leader Alexander Pechtold, who said that Wilders suffers from "megalomania".

Sep 18 '15 08:21

The Netherlands is nearing the point where the country will not be able to take in any more refugees, according to VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra. Exactly what the maximum number of refugees in the Netherlands is, he would not say.

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Sep 17 '15 15:30

Bert Koenders, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, is disappointed in the way that Hungary has chosen to deal with the refugees trying to enter the country. "That is not the method to jointly solve this problem in Europe", he said

Syrian refugees
Sep 2 '15 11:45

CDA leader Sybrand Buma's idea of sending troops into Syria and creating safe havens for refugees is getting some support from ruling party VVD, though other parties are less than enthusiastic.

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Sep 1 '15 11:18

CDA faction leader Sybrand Buma thinks that the Netherlands should be intervening in Syria too, instead of only in Iraq. He wants to deploy Dutch troops to Syria to protect refugees and bring order. He also thinks that the establishment of safe havens in Syria, Iraq and Libya, where soldiers under the banner of the United Nations or the European Union can protect refugees a viable option.

May 29 '15 10:32

Transporters are refusing to drive to England. According to them, the increasing flow of refugees trying to reach England by truck via Calais has made the situation too dangerous, the Telegraaf reports.


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