radicalization helpline

May 30 '17 15:20

From September 1st, teachers and other people who work with children and young people can call an especially established helpline for advice on how to deal with religious extremism and radicalization. The Dutch government is establishing the helpline based on advice from special reporter Naima Azough, AD reports.

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Sep 11 '15 10:40

The Radicalization Helpline is currently in close contact with 68 families, of which more than half of the children have already traveled abroad to conflict areas. This is number is much higher than the organization expected.

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Feb 19 '15 12:42

In the almost month and a half since the Alliance of Moroccan Dutch's (SNM) telephone helpline for radicalization has been launched, the organization has handled 30 cases, the Alliance announced on its website today.

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Jan 5 '15 12:17

The Cooperative Union of Dutch Moroccans SMN is launching a hotline and website for radicalization  today, as a low-threshold arrangement for Moroccan Dutch parents who suspect that their children may be considering jihad and who don’t know what to do about it.

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