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May 25 '20 16:45

A new regulation describing how criminal procedures against journalists should be handled will take effect on June 1. From then on, journalists can only be forced to give up their source if there is a suspicion of a serious crime, and only if the public prosecutor involved got permission to use coercion on the journalist, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said in a statement.

Covid-19: Amsterdam residents maintaining social distancing as they wait for their takeaways, 27 April 2020
May 22 '20 17:20

Since the Netherlands went into an intelligent lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus in mind-March, around 18,200 reports were filed about people not adhering to the rules around the lockdown. A total of 7,400 fines were issued by May 10, the Public Prosecutor said on Friday.

300 kilos of cocaine found at the port of Rotterdam, hidden in a shipment of orange juice from Brazil, 6 May 2020
May 9 '20 08:50

Customs officials found shipments of cocaine in two unusual places over the past few days. Some 300 kilograms of cocaine was found in a haul of frozen concentrated orange juice, while another 70 kilograms was found within a shipment of ferronickel.

A routine check of a sea container at the Rotterdam port led officials on Wednesday to the larger of the two drug hauls. The container from Brazil was loaded with barrels of frozen orange juice, destined for a business in Rotterdam.

Gavel with lady justice in the background
Apr 21 '20 13:48

A doctor may administer euthanasia to a patient with advanced dementia, even if they no longer have the mental acuity to confirm a previous written request to do so, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday in a case brought by the Public Prosecutor in order to get a clearer explanation of the euthanasia law. When a patient is suffering hopelessly and unbearably, "a doctor can follow through on a written request for euthanasia in people with advanced dementia," the Dutch Supreme Court ruled.

Automatic firearms seized from a home in Beverwaard, Rotterdam, 24 February 2020
Apr 20 '20 08:29

The police and Public Prosecution Service (OM) released a joint statement expressing concerns about the increasing number of incidents involving firearms in the Netherlands. Last year there were 646 firearm incidents in the country, compared to 557 in 2018.

A total of 31 people died in shootings last year, and people were injured in 131 shooting incidents. In 2018 there were 34 deaths and 120 injuries. 2019 also saw an increase in incidents involving hand grenades. In 2019 there were 61 incidents with a total of 82 hand grenades, compared to 43 incidents in 2018 and 22 in 2017. 

865 kilos of cocaine found at the port of Rotterdam, hidden in a pineapples from Costa Rica, 30 March 2020
Mar 31 '20 13:20

Customs authorities intercepted over 2 thousand kilograms of cocaine at the port of Rotterdam in multiple discoveries on Friday and Monday, the Public Prosecutor announced. The drugs were found hidden in shipments of fruit or fruit products from Brazil and Costa Rica.

On Friday, 1,170 kilograms of cocaine were found hidden in a container loaded with mangoes from Brazil. The shipment was destined for a company in Zwaag.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Mar 25 '20 14:41

New figures released on Wednesday by public health agency RIVM showed that another 852 people were diagnosed with coronavirus, and 80 more people who tested positive for the virus have died. The Netherlands is now home to 6,412 people in total who have tested positive for the virus, a 15.3 percent increase compared to figures released on Tuesday.

Wednesday's increase in of 852 patients was the highest recorded single-day increase in the Netherlands to date. Nevertheless, the rate of increase fell from the 17.1 percent growth in patients recorded a day earlier.

MH17, Dutch Safety Board, in 2015
Mar 23 '20 16:20

The next hearings in the trial against the first four suspects in the downing of flight MH17 was postponed until June, to give the lawyers of suspect Oleg Pulatov the chance to study the extensive case file, which consists of at least 36 thousand pages. When the trial resumes, the court will decide on the multiple requests the Public Prosecution Service (OM) made in this case, the Telegraaf reports.

Investigators at the scene of a mass shooting in a tram on 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht, 18 March 2010
Mar 20 '20 14:32

The court in Utrecht found Gokmen T. guilty of opening fire on a tram in Utrecht last March, killing four people. He was sentenced to life in prison on Friday. The sentence is equal to what the Public Prosecutor demanded.

Rainbow hearts
Mar 12 '20 13:20

A Dutch translation of the anti-LGBTQ Nashville declaration is not punishable, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said on Thursday. The Prosecutor said it does not deny that the statements made in the declaration hurt people, but in this case they are protected by both the freedom of religion and the freedom of expression. 

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam memorial MH17
Mar 9 '20 17:40

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, to the public session of the Den Haag court at Schiphol. Many have awaited this day for a long time following the terrible disaster in July 2014, when 298 men, women, and children lost their lives," said Senior Justice Hendrik Steenhuis on Monday when he opened the criminal trial into the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. "This tragic loss has led to many reactions around the world. It has enormous consequences for the relatives of the victims.

Gavel with lady justice in the background
Mar 9 '20 16:50

A television show presenter was fined two thousand euros for leaving a briefcase in the mess hall of an army base, the court in Zutphen said Monday in its ruling. Prosecutors alleged that the attache case left in 2018 by investigative journalist Alberto Stegeman at the Oldebroek military site was designed to look like a real bomb as part of an investigative report into base security.

24 Oktoberplein shooting in Utrecht
Mar 6 '20 11:00

The fourth and last day of the trail against Gokmen T., suspected of killing four people in a mass shooting on a tram in Utrecht last year, had a tumultuous start. For the third time, T. was removed from the courtroom, this time for spitting at the judges and insulting them and their mothers, according to AD's live blog on the trial.

Scales of justice and gavel on law book
Mar 6 '20 10:07

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) expects to have to postpone at least 22,700 lawsuits this year due to capacity problems and "more complex lawsuits". Years of budget cuts has left the service with not enough manpower, and the "more complex society" results in lawsuits taking up more time, a spokesperson for the OM confirmed to after reports in the Telegraaf.

Investigators at the scene of a mass shooting in a tram on 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht, 18 March 2010
Mar 5 '20 19:32

Prosecutors in the Netherlands demanded a rare life sentence in prison against Gokmen T., the man on trial for killing four people in a mass shooting on a tram in Utrecht on March 18, 2019.

Mar 5 '20 17:10

Aziz A., a suspected jihadist who played a leading role in terrorist movement Jubhat al-Nusra according to the authorities, has also been linked to 19 murders in Syria in 2012, the Public Prosecutor revealed in a proforma hearing against the 34-year-old man on Thursday. Complicity in these 19 murders have been added to the suspicions against him, the Prosecutor said, AD report.

A. came to the Netherlands with his 43-year-old brother Fatah. They are both suspected of participating in a terrorist organization, according to the newspaper.

Amsterdam Police at Derk Wiersum shooting scene
Mar 4 '20 14:34

New details about Anouar T., a suspect linked to the daytime assassination of defense attorney Derk Wiersum, were revealed in a court appearance on Wednesday afternoon, with prosecutors revealing portions of a wiretapped conversation which they said are evidence T. was involved in the killing, according to AD reporter Yelle Tieleman tweeting live from the courtroom.

Mar 4 '20 08:02

DENK parliamentarian Selçuk Öztürk will not be prosecuted for calling the deaths of Iraqi civilians during two bombings carried out by Dutch F-16 fighter jets "murder" in a parliamentary debate late last year. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) concluded that he had done nothing punishable, AD reports.

Gökmen T. suspected in the Utrecht shooting on Oktoberplein
Mar 2 '20 11:40

Suspect Gökmen T. wrote references to Islam, Sharia and Allah on the firearm used to commit a mass shooting in Utrecht in March last year, "reliable sources" told RTL Nieuws. Soon after the shooting on 24 Oktoberplein on March 18th, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) revealed that text was written on the weapon, but never said what it stated.

Feb 27 '20 12:40

The Public Prosecution Service in Antwerp issued a warning against bottles of red wine from Dutch brand Black & Bianco due to the death of a 41-year-old woman from Puurs. The woman died in December, presumably drinking wine from one such bottle. Investigation revealed that she had a deadly amount of MDMA and MDA - substances used in ecstasy - in her blood. Investigators assume that someone added drugs to the wine, NOS reports.

Money laundering
Feb 25 '20 11:50

The number of money laundering cases that ended up in court last year increased by a quarter to 1,499 last year. Sentences were imposed in 997 of those cases, an increase of 22 percent compared to 2018, BNR reports based on figures from the Council of Judiciary.

Feb 24 '20 16:50

Prosecutors demanded on Monday that television presenter Alberto Stegeman serve 120 hours of community service and three years of probation for leaving a fake bomb in the mess hall of a military base. Stegeman, who presents the hidden camera journalism program Undercover in Nederland, is accused of eluding base guards and surveillance to leave the device as part of the program’s third report o

Albert Heijn
Feb 22 '20 09:50

The court in Noord-Holland on Friday sentenced a 23-year-old man to two years in prison, one of which conditionally suspended, for attempting to extort Albert Heijn's parent company Ahold by threatening to poison the supermarket chain's customers. The man will also be on probation for three years, the court said in a ruling issued Friday.

Gavel with lady justice in the background
Feb 20 '20 16:00

The Public Prosecutor demanded two years in prison, eight months of which conditionally suspended against Jerry M. - an athletics coach accused of sexually abusing four underage girls. The man himself denies all charges against him, according to RTV Rijnmond reporter Paul Verspeek tweeting live from the courtroom. 


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