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Jul 21 '15 13:49

The police and Public Prosecutor discovered an "unprecedented amount" of firearms in a warehouse in Nieuwegein last week, the Public Prosecutor announced on Tuesday.

Jul 16 '15 15:06

The court has acquitted one of the men suspected of having sex with a 16 year old girl in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case. According to the court, there is insufficient evidence against the 55 year old man. The last six suspects appeared in court on Thursday.

Jul 15 '15 12:39

The Public Prosecutor demanded a one year prison sentence in court on Tuesday against one of the men who is accused of having sex with an underage girl in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case.

Jul 14 '15 16:07

The man who wanted to blow up his flat on Nigerdreef in Utrecht in April, wanted to commit suicide. The 43 year old man told the court in Tuesday that he did not want to harm anyone, NU reports.

Jul 13 '15 13:55

The Public Prosecutor is prosecuting two companies for the gas explosion in Diemen last year, which left two people dead, another 15 injured and hundreds of people displaced.

Jul 13 '15 13:22

One of the suspected clients in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case appeared in court on Monday - the third day of the trial in this case. He is the first suspect to willingly testify in court in this case.

Jul 10 '15 15:06

Four men accused of sedition and threatening police officers in The Hague around the death of Mitch Henriquez, are appearing before the fast court on Friday, AD reports.

Police_Car_The_Netherlands (Source: Wikimedia)
Jul 10 '15 14:33

The Public Prosecutor will prosecute four Defense officials and two police officers for corruption in the procurement of thousands of police- and army vehicles

Jul 10 '15 10:57

Convicted pedophile Benno L. was recently released from the electronic ankle bracelet that monitored his location. The ankle bracelet was used to make sure that he was keeping to the location ban imposed on him in 11 municipalities.

Jul 10 '15 09:56

The Public Prosecutor demanded an 8 year prison sentence against a 41 year old ex-detective for inciting underage girls into prostitution. The Public Prosecutor also read the charges against the man from Rijen during a pro-forma session in the court in Den Bosch on Thursday, Brabants Dagblad reports.

Jul 10 '15 08:35

The suspect in the white heroin sold as cocaine case will remain in custody, the court decided after a so-called pro forma session on Thursday.

Jul 9 '15 14:40

The Public Prosecutor demanded months-long prison sentences against the men suspected of having paid sex with a 16 year old girl in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case. The highest demand was for 1 year in prison, NOS reports.

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Jul 8 '15 14:07

Suspected jihadist Mohamed B. wanted to blow up the American embassy in The Hague. According to the Public Prosecutor, B. said so in a Facebook chat with an acquaintance.

Jul 8 '15 13:50

The police found more than 30 weapons in an Amsterdam home on Saturday after arresting two Amsterdam residents during a traffic check, the police announced on Wednesday.

Jul 8 '15 11:58

The police performed raids at several locations in Venlo and in Grubbenvorst, Germany as part of an investigation into the the international trade and possession of narcotics. Five people were arrested

Jul 8 '15 09:28

The trial against 27 suspects in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case starts in Limburg on Wednesday. The men are accused of paying a then 16 year old girl for sex. The court has set aside 5 days for the treatment of this case.

Jul 7 '15 12:45

A number of Hague rioters will be appearing before the judge for causing unrest in Schilderswijk on Monday and Wednesday next week, the Public Prosecutor announced.

Jul 3 '15 16:25

The police arrested Darko T., who is suspected of being a gang member of a notorious Serbian drug organization, in Amsterdam-West on Thursday night, the Public Prosecutor announced on Friday.

Jul 3 '15 14:45

Before his arrest in 2014, notorious Dutch criminal Willem Holleeder had plans to assassinate 8 people. This is according to a statement Holleeder's sister Astrid gave to the police, according to an official report newspaper NRC managed to have a look at.

Jul 3 '15 14:17

The court in Lelystad sentenced Tarik Z. - the man responsible for the hostage situation at the NOS Journaal earlier this year - to 30 months in prison, 15 of which suspended, on Friday.

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Jul 2 '15 14:47

The Public Prosecutor plans to, as far as possible, try all those arrested during the riots in Schilderswijk, The Hague over the past few days in summary proceedings. A total of 61 people have been arrested, the majority of them are minors. The Prosecutor expects that there will be more arrests.

Jul 2 '15 13:36

The court in Utrecht sentenced Dirk M., the man who attempted to extort the De Mol family for more than a year, to 441 days in prison, of which 300 days are suspended. He will therefore not have to spend any more time in prison as the 141 days left in his sentence is equal to the time he spent in custody.

Jul 2 '15 11:31

Armin A., the pimp and main suspect in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case, was sentence to two years in prison by the coin Maastricht on Thursday.

Jul 1 '15 11:37

The parents of the 16 year old girl involved in the Valkenburg compensation case are demanding compensation form their daughter's customers. According to their lawyer, Nino Pennino, they thereby hoe to send a signal to other people considering sex with a minor. "If other clients of minors read that they can be prosecuted and would have to pay compensation, they might think twice." the lawyer said to the Volkskrant.


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