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Jan 12 '16 13:05

Mark M., the police officer suspected of selling confidential police information to criminals, did so by selling them "subscriptions". He had 48 subscribers who each paid him 5 thousand euros a month for information, according to the police file discussed during a pro-forma hearing in this case on Tuesday

Jan 12 '16 08:35

Over the past four years 117 Public Prosecutor employees were reprimanded or dismissed for transgressions ranging from drinking in court to losing sensitive information, according to figures from the Integrity Office Public Prosecution

Jan 6 '16 14:20

Dutch dentist Mark van N. will not be prosecuted for helping his wife commit suicide, the Public Prosecutor announced on Wednesday. Van N. was arrested in Canada on the grounds of patient mutilation in France. When he spoke to the Canadian police in September 2014, he suddenly confessed to killing his wife in the Netherlands in 2006.

Jan 5 '16 14:55

The Public Prosecutor plans to demand jail time and community service against all 15 suspects arrested for rioting against the arrival of an asylum center in Geldermalsen on December 16th, the prosecutor announced on Tuesday

Jan 4 '16 15:30

The 29 year old British man arrested on Schiphol airport on Friday for shouting that he had a bomb, was released on Saturday and the case against him was dropped, the Public Prosecutor announced. Further investigation could not conclusively prove that the man actually shouted that he had a bomb.

Jan 4 '16 13:25

The Public Prosecutor is pressing charges of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter against the man responsible for the fatal accident on the A2 highway near Maarssen last week. He was arraigned in hospital on Saturday

Jan 4 '16 11:19

The police seized 45,268 kilograms of fireworks in the weeks running up to New Year's, according to the Public Prosecutor's fireworks barometer. At this time last year, 39,566 kilos of illegal fireworks were seized.

Jan 4 '16 07:52

One of about 20 Russian soldiers fired the BUK missile that brought down flight MH17 in July 2014, according to international research collective Bellingcat. All of the 20 soldiers know who gave the orders and who actually pressed the button, Eliot Higgins, founder of Bellingcat, said

Dec 30 '15 15:50

Prosecutors lost their appeal in court on Wednesday to keep four people suspected of rioting in custody while the case against them develops. The four are among 14 anti-asylum protesters accused of violence outside a city council meeting on the reception of migrants in Geldermalsen

Marjolein Faber
Dec 29 '15 09:13

The Public Prosecutor will not be prosecuting Gelderland PVV leader and Senator Marjolein Faber for inciting hatred and discrimination. Nijmegen resident Toine van Bergen filed these charges against her for statements made on social media, but according to the Prosecutor Faber did not commit a criminal offense

Lucas Boom murder in Zaandam
Dec 24 '15 13:55

The police and judiciary believe that the orders for the assassination of Amsterdam criminal Lucas Boom and attempted assassination on another Amsterdam criminal Peter R. came from the same place

Dec 24 '15 11:10

The third suspect in the fatal Goldies jewelry store robbery in Deurne last year, was acquitted on appeal by the court in Den Bosch on Wednesday

Dec 23 '15 15:05

The Public Prosecutor wants to keep six of the 14 people arrested in the anti-asylum center riots in Geldermalsen last week in custody for another two weeks.

Dec 22 '15 15:20

Tarik Z., the young man who tried to hijack the 8:00 p.m. news at broadcaster NOS in January, was sentenced to 40 months in prison, 24 of which conditionally suspended, by the court in Leeuwarden on Tuesday. The Public Prosecutor demanded a four year prison sentence.

Dec 21 '15 10:43

Ajax football player Kenny Tete was recently arrested for his involvement in a brawl in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. He will be prosecuted, the Public Prosecutor confirmed

Dec 18 '15 15:55

Six of the 14 people arrested in connection with the anti-asylum center riots in Geldermalsen on Wednesday, were released on Friday, the Public Prosecutor announced. The prosecutor wants to keep the other eight in custody for another three days.

Dec 18 '15 13:50

The prisoner who escaped from the Zuider Bos prison in Heeurhugowaard on Tuesday is back in custody.

Dec 18 '15 12:40

The Amsterdam police arrested a 32-year-old man on December 1st in connection with the assassination of a 26-year-old Amsterdammer during the Waterfront dance party in the Scheepvaartmuseum in 2013, the Public Prosecutor announced on Friday.

Dec 15 '15 08:09

Criminal law expert Theo de Roos fears that the corruption scandals recently surrounding Ukrainian secret service SBU will make it more difficult to prosecute those responsible for the disaster with MH17. Much of the evidence in the criminal investigation comes from the SBU

Feyenoord football fans riot in Rome (Screenshot YouTube/Polizia di Stato)
Dec 11 '15 15:30

One Feyenoord fan was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 6 of which conditionally suspended, for throwing a firework at police officers during the Rome riots earlier this year. The other 43 rioters were sentenced to community service of varying length. The Rotterdam judge found the rioters guilty of violence against the Rome police

Dec 11 '15 11:20

The Public Prosecutor demanded a life long prison sentence against 25 year old Geroge H. in the court in Amsterdam on Thursday afternoon. H. is accused of poisoning two men in order to pocket their life insurance

Dec 11 '15 08:54

Almost 12 thousand criminal suspects managed to not give a DNA sample after being arrested. This mostly involves thieves and assaulters, but also dozens of murderers and rapists

BxB44vhCAAEzwc3 (1)
Dec 10 '15 13:47

The high security court sentenced Azzedine C., the prime suspect in the largest jihad trial in the Netherlands so far, to six years in prison on Thursday. The other eight suspects were also given prison sentences of varying length

Police sign
Dec 10 '15 12:03

The Amsterdam police arrested a 47 year old man from Leidschendam last week in connection with the disappearance of Deborah Rosiek from Amsterdam in 2003. The police call the arrest a "possible breakthrough" in the case.


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