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Feb 3 '16 11:08

The Public Prosecutor demanded 5 months in prison, two of which conditionally suspended, against nine ADO Den Haag supporters in court on Tuesday. Eleven ADO Den Haag supporters are facing charges of public violence during during a brawl with Willem II supporters at a match on May 10th last year.

marko vejinovic feyenoord signing
Feb 2 '16 11:26

Feyenoord football player Marko Vejinovic is frustrated by how the police and Public Prosecutor handled the perpetrators who showed up at his house and shouted death threats at him and his wife Sophie on Saturday night, his lawyer Vito Shukrula said to the Telegraaf.

Jan 30 '16 11:12

Six people were arrested in the Netherlands and Belgium in connection with 310 kilograms of high-grade cocaine discovered at a port in Denmark last summer. Four of those arrested were caught in Rotterdam this past December, the public prosecutor’s office in the Netherlands confirmed exclusively to the NL Times.

Jan 29 '16 08:26

A further investigation into reports that two asylum seekers sexually assaulted several young women in Almere will be done after a third woman reported being assaulted to the police, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday.

Jan 27 '16 15:45

The suspects who stormed the asylum center in Woerden in October last year, coordinated the attack using a WhatsApp group, the Public Prosecutor revealed in the court in Utrecht on Wednesday. Eighteen suspects are appearing in court, three at a time, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Jan 26 '16 13:55

Family members of Saskia van Kessel released a video which they believe show police officers throwing the 39-year-old woman to ground and her hitting her head against the pavement during the anti-asylum center riots in Geldermalsen in December. Several witnesses stated that two police officers - a blonde woman and a man - then beat her on the head with batons

new police uniform 1
Jan 26 '16 09:47

Mark M., the former police officer suspected of selling confidential police information to criminals, possibly corrupted "about ten" investigations, Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice wrote in a letter to the lower house of Dutch parliament

Jan 22 '16 13:30

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 15 year prison sentence against 26 year old Rotterdam taxi driver Adeel D. for the murder of his 25 year old Pakistani wife Yasmeen. According to the Prosecutor, D. intentionally strangled his wife and hid her body

Jan 22 '16 11:58

The Public Prosecutor in Arnhem on appeal demanded 30 months in prison, 10 of which conditionally suspended, and a probation period of two years against two suspected jihadists. The prosecutor believes that the men intended to travel to Syria to participate in the armed struggle and commit various crimes with terrorist intent.

Jan 21 '16 17:05

Rhowan P. and Desiree G. confessed to the police that they murdered 28-year-old Jesse van Wieren in Kloosterburen early on New Year's morning, the Public Prosecutor announced. The autopsy on Van Wieren's body showed that he died as the result of stab wounds.

Jan 21 '16 14:25

A record 143,567,295 euros were seized from criminals last year, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday. According to the prosecutor, this large amount seized shows that crime does not pay.

Jan 20 '16 12:44

The investigation into the leak of national security information from the highly-confidential committee for the intelligence and security services did not deliver any conclusive results. The investigation team told the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, that there are no grounds to prosecute any Parliamentarian because they could not find a clear suspect

Jan 20 '16 08:38

On Tuesday the investigative department of the tax authorities FIOD raided 15 addresses and arrested 10 suspects in a large-scale investigation into Bitcoin payments made and received for criminal products and services over the so-called Dark Web, the Public Prosecutor announced.

Jan 19 '16 13:25

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 16 year prison sentence for Gerard T., believed to be the Utrecht serial rapist, in the court in Utrecht on Tuesday. T. is charged with raping four young women in 1995 and 2001. Eighteen other cases are linked to him, but there is not enough evidence to prosecute

Jan 19 '16 08:20

Jitse Akse was arrested by a SWAT team in Arnhem on Wednesday. They dragged him out of his hiding place with a bag over his head and guns pointed at him

Jan 18 '16 14:54

The court in Amsterdam acquitted three men of involvement in the assassination of real estate magnate Willem Endstra. The court ruled that there is not enough evidence to prove without a doubt that the three men - Turkish-Amsterdam cousins Ali N. and Ozgur Z. and Turk Ziya G., were involved

Jan 18 '16 10:11

The arrest of former Dutch soldier Jitse Akse on suspicion that he killed ISIS-fighters in Syria, is leading to fierce criticism against the Public Prosecutor. The Prosecutor is abusing its powers as Akse was only arrested to prevent him from returning to Syria, says University of Amsterdam international law professor Geert-Jan Knoops. A petition against Akse's arrest already has almost 50 thousand signatures, and more than 21 thousand people liked a Facebook group created to show support for the former soldier.

Jan 15 '16 10:02

Two asylum seekers will appear in the Lelystad court on February 9th on suspicion that they sexually assaulted two girls in Almere in September last year. One of the suspects was involved in two assaults, the other in one

Jan 15 '16 09:42

George H. will spend life in prison for poisoning two Dominican men to death in order to collect their life insurance in 2013, the court in Amsterdam ruled on Thursday.

Jan 14 '16 16:25

The Public Prosecutor connected eight suspects arrested in Nieuwegein and Tiel in July last year to two assassinations in 2014. The "assassination squad"s bookkeeping showed that they made payments to the gunmen in the two assassinations, the prosecutor said in court on Thursday

Jan 14 '16 13:55

An Amsterdam father and son are facing charges of human trafficking. According to the Public Prosecutor, they exploited undocumented migrants and made them work in their laundromat without protection

Jan 14 '16 08:57

The foundation representing the relatives of the victims of flight MH17, Stichting Vliegramp MH17, received three anonymous emails containing stationary radar images of the airline disaster

Jan 12 '16 13:05

Mark M., the police officer suspected of selling confidential police information to criminals, did so by selling them "subscriptions". He had 48 subscribers who each paid him 5 thousand euros a month for information, according to the police file discussed during a pro-forma hearing in this case on Tuesday

Jan 12 '16 08:35

Over the past four years 117 Public Prosecutor employees were reprimanded or dismissed for transgressions ranging from drinking in court to losing sensitive information, according to figures from the Integrity Office Public Prosecution


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