Port of Rotterdam

Jul 24 '15 15:26

The new trade route between the Rotterdam port and China opened on Thursday with the first freight train from China arriving in the Dutch port. The journey took 18 days for the train, carrying 80 containers filled with coffee.

Port of Rotterdam
Jul 16 '15 14:00

The construction of a large Russian oil storage terminal in the port of Rotterdam has been terminated, the Port Authority announced on Thursday after talks with the involved company Shtandart, a subsidiary of the Summa Group

Jun 10 '15 08:05

The police arrested 44 year old Dennis van den B. on Tuesday. They believe that he was the intended target of the assassination that killed mental health director Rob Zweekhorst last year.

May 22 '15 13:53

The Rotterdam Hit And Run Cargo Team found 2,800 kilograms of cannabis, worth about 10 million euros in a container after the arrest of a Customs officer, according to the Public Prosecutor.

Northern Sea Route
May 13 '15 16:45

Melting ice caps can shift trade flows between Asia in Europe in favor of the Northern Sea Route. That would be a beneficial development for the port of Rotterdam, forecast the researchers from the University of Bern.

Police sign
Apr 28 '15 12:06

Gerrit G., a customs officer accused of corruption, may have used his thrift shop Tweede Handje in Rotterdam-Overschie as cover, AD reports.

Mar 16 '15 13:13

Unions FNV Havens and CNV Vakmensen are furious about an agreement made between the major transshipment companies and the Port of Rotterdam over container transport on Maasvlakte, AD reports. According to the unions, the extensive automation will threaten 700 jobs in the next two years.

Mar 4 '15 14:29

The largest container ship in the world sailed into the Rotterdam port last night.

Feb 27 '15 14:29

The North Sea Jazz festival announced that Mary J. Blige, John Legend and D'Angelo will be performing at the festival this year.

Feb 10 '15 16:24

Swedish heavy truck manufacturer Scania held the first partially autonomous self-driving truck tests on Dutch public roads Monday. During the test, Scania trucks drove themselves in a convoy.

Rotterdam Harbor
Jul 31 '14 11:03

Harbor bosses in Rotterdam's port are worried about the effect that the trade war against Russia will have on Dutch business. The Russian Shtandart oil terminal deal in the Rotterdam harbor is at the brink of collapse, which the harbor managers say is bad news for the city.

Jun 7 '14 11:25

A human skull dating back to the Middle Stone Age was fished from the seabed near the North Sea coast, according to archaeologists working with the province of Noord Holland. The well-preserved skull fragment is estimated at 9,500 years old, and was part of the head of an adult male, the researchers said.

Apr 1 '14 21:09

The World Economic Forum has listed the Netherlands as the country with the third best accommodations for international trade. Singapore and Hong Kong repeated as the top two countries, with Holland advancing from 7th in the biannual Global Enabling Trade Report.

Dec 20 '13 10:56

The Port of Rotterdam, a major economic driver for the Netherlands, had no growth this year.

Jun 27 '13 06:12

A new dock on Bunschotenweg, the Netherlands is ready for construction. The contract is between the United Waalhaven Terminals (UWT) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, based on dredgingtoday’s report.

May 22 '13 08:31

The construction of the second Maasvlakte in Rotterdam has cost 150 million euro less than budgeted. On top of that, was the reserved amount of 200 million, for unforseen costs, not used. 

This was made public by the Rotterdam Harbor Authorities, during the official opening on Wednesday.

The reduction of the planned costs are due to a cheaper seawall. The chosen type of dike consists of a layer of pebbles and boulders instead of a thick layer of basalt, stone and asphalt. By making this choice they not only saved on construction costs but also maintenance will be cheaper.


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