pop-up shop

Apr 9 '19 16:00

The Netherlands first real Banana Bar will be open for one day only in Amsterdam on April 17th, National Banana Day. To be clear: at this pop-up Banana Bar you can exchange leftover or over-ripe bananas for banana bread. 

The Banana Bar pop-up is the initiative of Amsterdam banana bread startup SUNT. The company hopes that the initiative will draw attention to food waste. Bananas are on top of the list of the world's most thrown away product. Every year around 75 billion, perfectly edible, bananas are thrown away, according to Marie Claire.

Recharge Room at Amsterdam Centraal
Jan 19 '18 15:00

Weary travelers can now recharge with a power nap at Amsterdam Centraal. Auping opened a special Recharge Room at the station where tired travelers and passersby can take a quick break and power nap, to refresh them for the rest of their day.

Visitors are shown to a compartment, closed off with curtains for privacy, which is equipped with a bed, pillow, blanket and alarm. There you can take a 20 minute power nap - the perfect time for a nap, according to Auping, because it is long enough to rest out well, but not so long that you fall into a deep sleep. 

Sep 9 '15 11:57

Van Delft, manufacturer of the traditional Dutch Christmas cookie pepernoten, will be opening 10 stores in the Netherlands this fall, including a pop-up store in The Hague.

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