Feb 13 '15 17:36

A family was shocked when their home was raided on Thursday by at least five men dressed up as a police SWAT team. The family was still inside their home on Loenhoutstraat in Breda, Noord-Brabant, when the incident happened, police said in a statement.

Ouder Amstel 2
Nov 25 '14 23:12

A man, overpowered by bystanders and arrested for shoplifting yesterday, became unwell whilst in police custody and subsequently passed away in hospital. The man was not doing well when police arrived at the scene, and had to be resuscitated after police led him into their detention van, a police report says.

Amesterdam Politie
Nov 25 '14 19:54

Amsterdam police say they are urgently seeking information on the identity of a suspect thought to be responsible for two rapes in a matter of four months. The suspect is of dark complexion, possibly of Hindu origin, and between 25 and 35 years of age, police said.

boxtel forest
Nov 24 '14 18:34

The police have now released photos of the unidentified man who was found on fire in the Sparrenrijk forest in Boxtel, Noord Brabant on November 17.

Oct 22 '14 17:05

Police in the Hague arrest a 28-year-old resident suspected of trafficking large amounts of anabolic steroids. Officers from the Office of Regional Criminal Investigations were acting on a tip from counterparts in the United States when they made the arrest at the man’s home, police say.

Sep 16 '14 13:33

A confused man in Arnhem spent hours sitting on the roof of a terraced house in Hilversum street. He jumped off the roof when he was approached by an armed police squad.

Jan 17 '14 11:53

Police in the Netherlands arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of the rape and murder of Nicole van den Hurk nearly two decades ago. New DNA evidence gave detectives the opening they needed to make the arrest, police say.

Jan 7 '14 18:05

Reacting to the news of a conspicuous street assassination in his neighborhood, Amsterdam Nieuw-West President Achmed Baâdoud is working with the council there on initiatives to prevent kids from becoming "killing machines."

Jan 4 '14 12:09

A 14-year-old boy is still in critical condition after shrapnel from an early New Year's Day explosion hit him in the head. The boy was standing more than 40 meters away from a group of people who blew up a parking meter using fireworks.

Jan 2 '14 17:42

Accidents and vandalism during New Year's celebrations caused about €9 million in damages to private homes around the country, according to a national association of insurers. The damage estimate is similar to last year, and also includes problems triggered by fireworks.

Dec 31 '13 15:03

A 22-year-old man died Tuesday morning after crashing his scooter into a lamppost while being chased by police. His 21-year-old passenger was seriously injured in the crash.

Brabant Riot
Dec 31 '13 13:18

Police in the Brabant town of Veen arrested 100 people early Tuesday morning for violently attacking officers there. Police were trying to provide security for firefighters responding to an emergency call when those on the street began launching heavy fireworks at police, and pelting the patrolmen with empty glass bottles.

Dec 27 '13 12:58

Police and courtroom officials regularly use data collected from public transportation cards and an organization monitoring street parking, according to De Telegraaf. The newspaper's investigation into investigation practices found that Translink Systems, the company which runs the OV-chipkaart transit cards, releases confidential customer data several times per week.

Dec 25 '13 23:34

Two people were injured, one seriously, when an 82-year-old woman drove her car into a group of people leaving a church. The accident happened at approximately 8:00pm in Vinkeveen, just south of Amsterdam, according to police.

Dec 25 '13 10:08

Police patrolling the highway in Zevenaar arrested a 23-year-old Frenchman driving with 86 kilos of the stimulant khat. The Marechaussee military police made the bust Tuesday on the A-12 in Gelderland near the German border.

Dec 24 '13 11:41

Police in Gouda yesterday found the body of a 58-year-old man who has been dead in his apartment for at least a year. Authorities say he most likely died of natural causes.

Dec 11 '13 13:10

The family of two sailors who went overboard while working on a Dutch ship in the Baltic Sea is distraught that the men were unable to be rescued. The two men are cousins, and have been lost at sea since Thursday morning, when they went over the side of the Marietje Andrea, a ship owned by Dutch firm Wagenborg.

Ajax Celtics disturbances in Amsterdam
Nov 26 '13 09:00

Amsterdam police will have to answer for 25 claims that they were too heavy handed against supporters from Glasgow football club Celtic.The club has hired Amsterdam lawyer Jeroen Soeteman, who has since said that an admission by authorities that "something went wrong" is the top priority.

Oct 17 '13 15:32

A 58-year-old man and his teenage daughter were shot and wounded in the Buitenveldert neighborhood of Amsterdam Zuid, according to Amsterdam police


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