An area cordoned off by police
May 28 '20 22:16

A man who used an ax to attack people in The Hague Thursday night was shot by police on Thursday. A local news outlet said he suddenly went berzerk and struck a cyclist after he had sat on a bench there for an extended period of time.

Several paramedics crews, including a trauma team in a helicopter, were sent to the street in the Scheveningen district between 6:45 p.m. and 7:05 p.m. The shooting happened at least an hour later.

Bundles of cash: Part of a 2.4 million euro find inside a home in Amsterdam Oost
May 26 '20 15:48

A search of a home in Amsterdam Oost led to the discovery of 2.4 million euros in cash. The Zeeburgereiland home was raided last week as part of a money laundering investigation, police said.

It started on Friday evening when police officers stopped a car on IJburglaan and detained a suspect in their case. The 29-year-old Amsterdam man was taken into custody.

Officers then were given permission by the prosecutor’s office later that night to search the home on Eef Kamerbeekstraat. The connection between the suspect and the home was not revealed to the public.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
May 23 '20 10:10

One person who was harming himself was shot at by police in Halsteren on Saturday morning. The man later died of his injuries, though it was not immediately clear if he was struck by a bullet.

Police said officers at the Klaverblad in the Noord-Brabant town found a “disturbed” individual who had taken a knife to himself. Neighbors told local newspaper BN De Stem that they heard four shots fired inside a home after police broke down the door to enter.

A mobile forensics lab from the Amsterdam police
May 23 '20 09:30

One person was hurt in an early morning shooting in Amsterdam-Zuidoost on Saturday. Several shots rang out at 4:30 a.m., records show, with dispatchers sending out several ambulances, police officers, and a trauma team by helicopter.

The shooting took place after an argument on the street, neighbors told local broadcaster AT5. A reporter for the broadcaster said a man was found with a gunshot wound to the leg.

His condition was not immediately revealed.

An area cordoned off by police
May 22 '20 18:50

Two men and two women were arrested last week in connection with the February kidnapping of a 65-year-old Rotterdam woman. All four suspects were remanded into custody, police said on Friday, while prosecutors and officers press ahead with their investigation.

The alleged kidnapping took place on the Eliotplaats in Rotterdam on February 9 when the woman was taken in a van and held captive. “On February 11, a ransom was paid and the kidnappers released the woman on a public road in Zaandam,” police stated.

A KNRM rescue ship in a search mission for six surfers in trouble near Scheveningen. May 11, 2020
May 11 '20 21:37

A massive search and rescue mission was underway Monday evening after a group of six surfers were reported in trouble near the Scheveningen Beach in The Hague. Rescue service KNRM found three of them, and brought them out of the water, two of whom later died, according to the fire department.

An attempt to revive them failed, with witnesses saying they saw two ambulances racing away from the beach. The third person was conscious and speaking with authorities who said six people in total were in trouble, the Coast Guard said.

Brandweer fire department Volkswagen
May 10 '20 13:45

An explosion and ensuing blaze sent firefighters en masse to a high-rise fire in The Hague. The fire was first reported at De Struyck, a student housing complex on Rijwijkseplein, shortly after 11:30 a.m.

Three people suffered injuries and were transported by ambulance to an area hospital, according to the regional emergency services post. Unconfirmed reports said their injuries were due to smoke inhalation. Seven others were treated and released at the scene. 

12.6 million in cash found in a money laundering investigation in Eindhoven. May 1, 2020
May 6 '20 13:43

When police and prosecutors raided a house in Eindhoven as part of a money laundering investigation, they discovered a massive 12.6 million euros in cash, the most ever found in a single place during a criminal investigation. The record sum was kept in a hidden room inside the house, and included paper bills with all denominations up to 500 euro notes.

It also had a considerable weight, police said. The combined total of 12.580 million euros weighed approximately 255 kilograms.

Dutch police car
Apr 26 '20 10:04

Two shootings in Dordrecht left one person dead and another injured in separate incidents overnight. In the initial investigations, police were not able to find a connection between the two shootings which took place less than two kilometers apart.

"Two terrible incidents in our city last night, where regrettably one person is dead," said Wouter Kolff, the city's mayor. 

Dutch police at the scene of a crime
Apr 25 '20 11:51

Police in Apeldoorn broke up a group of over a hundred people who had converged on a caravan park in defiance of the country’s social distancing rules. “Too many people, too close together,” was how police described the scene at Laan van Zodiac on Friday night.

Officers arriving on scene began enforcing the rules, meant to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands. Authorities on the ground were aided by a police helicopter circling above monitoring the scene. 

An area cordoned off by police
Apr 23 '20 19:00

Police in Friesland said a woman in the village of Oppenhuizen was found murdered in her home on Thursday. A person of interest was taken into custody in the vicinity of the woman's home soon after her death, police confirm. The man and the victim knew each other, police said.

The incident was reported to police at around 2:30 p.m., after which a trauma team was dispatched to a home on the H.S. Reinardastrjitte along with an ambulance. Once on scene, officers and paramedics found the victim still alive, but in critical condition.

Apr 23 '20 14:46

With reporting by Jamie de Geir.

A raid in a warehouse at the Port of Antwerp turned up nearly four thousand kilograms of cocaine. The cocaine, with an estimated street value of 200 million euros, was found hidden inside a sea container full of fish.

Gregori Lindomar Maduor, 31, from Aruba. Found killed on April 7
Apr 15 '20 18:00

The remains of a man found wrapped in plastic and sealed with duct tape was identified as the body of Gregori Lindomar Maduro, police confirmed on Wednesday. A crime resulted in the Aruban man's death, with authorities looking to piece together the days leading up to Maduro's death.

A sign warning people that they may be fined 390 euro for standing too close to other people.
Apr 13 '20 18:48

Over the long holiday weekend, police in the Netherlands handed out roughly 1,800 fines to people for violating physical distance rules. Officials had been particularly concerned because of the warm weather predicted for Saturday and Easter Sunday, but police said no large-scale interventions were necessary.

"In most places it went well and many people followed the rules that exist because of the coronavirus," police said. Most of the times police cautioned people they responded understandingly, and kept more of a distance.

Mar 18 '20 18:48

Police in the Netherlands issued a blunt warning telling the public to be on the lookout for cybercriminals using the coronavirus to swindle people. The scammers often use fake emails or fake text messages to obtain personal information from their victims, police said in a statement.

Undated photo of Matthew McCombe who went missing in Amsterdam on March 14, 2020
Mar 16 '20 18:42

Police in Amsterdam say a 21-year-old Scottish man who was visiting the city for a weekend visit disappeared after leaving his hotel Saturday morning. Matthew McCombe was last seen leaving the Novotel in Amsterdam Zuid at about 6:15 a.m. walking towards the RAI convention center, police told NL Times based on images captured by security cameras.

He was in town to celebrate his birthday with some friends. All of his belongings, including his phone and wallet, were left in his hotel room, police said. He has not been heard from since leaving.

Saïd R., the suspected accomplice of crime boss Ridouan Taghi
Feb 7 '20 16:56

The alleged partner of suspected organized crime boss Ridouan Taghi was reportedly arrested in Colombia after evading authorities in the Netherlands for years. Saïd R. is suspected of involvement in a series of street assassinations, failed homicide attempts, and abandoned murder plots known as the Marengo criminal process.

NS Logo in grey against a silver backdrop
Jan 12 '20 10:10

Eight railcars belonging to national rail operator NS were thoroughly covered in silver spray paint as they sat idle at the station in Wormerveer, Noord-Holland. Vandals painted all windows and doorways along the platform side of a pair of four-car trains, which were coupled in the middle.

"We find this incredibly antisocial," a spokesperson for the NS told RTL Nieuws. The affected train was removed from service and replaced with another vehicle. The NS said it has to remove the paint and clean the train.

Booby trap in front of a Hague fire department station
Dec 31 '19 17:07

Following weeks of violence and rioting in The Hague, primarily in the Duindorp district, the driveway of a firehouse was booby trapped with several homemade caltrop spikes, a firefighter there said on social media.

Daniel Burdett, arms smuggling fugitive from Liverpool, England
Dec 27 '19 07:30

After five years on the run, police in The Hague captured one of the United Kingdom's most wanted criminals on Christmas Day. Daniel Burdett, a 28-year-old man from Liverpool, was picked up on "ten charges of conspiracy to import firearms and conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs," the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) said on Thursday.

The Liverpudlian was taken into custody by Dutch officers as he sat down to Christmas dinner at a Hague restaurant. "Delighted with this little Christmas present," said NCA Director General Lynne Owens on social media.

Rotterdam money laundering arrest
Dec 25 '19 15:30

Police investigating an aggressive man on the streets of central Rotterdam led to the accidental discovery of thousands of euros in loose cash. The suspect was trying to cover something up when he was taken into custody, and the pile of money plopped out of his clothes, police said.

Officers monitoring a security camera saw a man with a bottle of liquor trying to pick a fight with anyone who walked past him. When police arrived on scene the man took off running, but was found soon after hiding under a delivery van.

Dutch police crime scene tape
Dec 24 '19 09:34

A fight spiraled out of control and apparently led to the fatal stabbing of a man on the street in the Zuid-Holland city Spijkenisse. The first ambulance was sent to the Rammenasdreef just before midnight with two more sent in the first hour of Tuesday morning.

A short while later, police announced they were securing the scene for a stabbing incident. "The man died despite the efforts of emergency services," police said.

Fred Westerbeke
Dec 23 '19 12:01

The head of the national cases division of the Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) is being put forward by top cop Erik Akerboom to become the Chief of Police in Rotterdam. If appointed by Royal Decree, Fred Westerbeke will take over on April 1.

new police uniform 1
Dec 23 '19 08:12

An investigation was ongoing into a weekend mystery where a dead body was found inside a car fished out of the Nieuwe Maas river. Police in Rotterdam say they arrested the driver of the car, a 38-year-old Rotterdammer, who managed to escape the vehicle despite having a stab wound.

It was not immediately clear how or when the car wound up in the water, but the Rotterdam driver emerged from the water between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Sunday. He was taken to an area hospital by ambulance, police said.


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