Apr 3 '15 13:25

The police have arrested five teenage boys for vandalizing a house on Laurens Reaalstraat in the Lombok neighborhood in Utrecht.

Apr 3 '15 13:07

The police found nearly 2 million euros in cash in a hotel room in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Apr 3 '15 11:44

The police have released more photos of people suspected of being involved in the Feyenoord riots in Rome in February. These suspects are wanted for public violence.

Apr 3 '15 11:26

Gonneke Janssen (29) and Michelle Hogenbirk (28) were assaulted by a furious motorist on Linnaeusstraat, Amsterdam in the early morning hours of Sunday. They put a message up on Facebook, asking for witnesses to come forward and help them find this man.

Apr 3 '15 10:44

The police arrested a 50 year old woman in the investigation into the death of John Wassink yesterday morning. The woman, Wassink's girlfriend, was arrested on suspicion of violating the Weapons and Ammunition Act and the Opium Act. The police found firearms and weapons during raids performed in the murder investigation.

Apr 3 '15 10:28

Firefighters rescued five people from a burning apartment building on Amstel opposite Carré in Amsterdam last night, AT5 reports. One resident was arrested.

Apr 3 '15 10:12

More than 10 thousand Dutch citizens entered a complaint against the police last year, a 10 percent increase compared to 2013, NU reports based on figures from LocalFocus.

Apr 2 '15 08:26

The Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, rejected National Police Chief Gerard Bouman's proposal to be more flexible when it comes to new police officers that are of ethnic minorities and decided that the language test for prospective officers will remain a requirement, De Telegraaf reports.

Apr 1 '15 17:40

The lower house of Dutch parliament approved a 13 percent budget cut to the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). The cuts were fiercely contested by opposition parties, but passed with support from the ruling coalition of the conservative VVD and leftist PvdA labour party.

No Surrender
Apr 1 '15 10:48

Klaas Otto has resigned as the president of the motorcycle club No Surrender and now wants to make a statement to the police about what he calls an assassination attempt, NOS reports.

Apr 1 '15 10:20

The FIOD made an extraordinary discovery on Monday in a criminal investigation into money laundering. The tax authorities found a map with different amounts noted on it as well as photos of a forest in the home of a 52-year-old man from Waalwijk.

Apr 1 '15 07:52

The second victim that was trapped under the rubble of the collapsed Raab Karcher building in Ede yesterday, has passed away, Omroep Gelderland reports. The 45 year old, unresponsive man was found by sniffer dogs around 18:20 last night. The building collapsed around 12:30.

Mar 30 '15 12:11

Two Romanian men were arrested at the international bus station in Rotterdam on Saturday. 15 thousand euros worth of stolen clothes was found on one of the suspects.

Mar 30 '15 11:34

A Connexxion bus driver was assaulted by a passenger at the bus stop on Sportlaan in Amstelveen around 04:30 yesterday morning, AT5 reports. The incident occurred when the bus driver asked the passenger to leave the bus.

Mar 30 '15 11:06

A 24 old motorist was arrested on Sunday morning for crashing into a house on Rolklaver in Kampen. The man sped away from the accident, but the police tracked him down with his license plate, which fell of the car during the accident and was found at the house.

Squatters taunt police
Mar 27 '15 16:18

Six of the squatters who demonstrated against the development of the Spuistraat were still in custody on Friday as questions about their identity, nationality and residency status lingered. The six are now being investigated by immigration investigators to determine their backgrounds, police said Friday.

Mar 27 '15 13:32

Police officers know too little about ordinary police work, such as the laws and regulations on arrests and searches. This is according to a test done by the Inspectorate for Security and Justice on 361 police officers.

Mar 27 '15 08:49

Police chief Gerard Bouman wants 25 percent of the new police officers hired to be from a multicultural background. "It is not an aim, it's a must." the chief of the National Police said in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, yesterday, NU reports.

Mar 27 '15 08:29

A man was shot on Bos en Lommerweg in Amsterdam around 20:00 last night. He was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. Passing police officers found the man crawling across the street and called for a medical trauma team. The identity of the victim and the circumstances of the shooting is still unclear.

Mar 27 '15 08:10

Yesterday the police released photos of another 12 people involved in the Feyenoord riots in Rome last month. These suspects are wanted for, among other things, public violence. At least 6 suspects have turned themselves in since the latest batch of photos were released.

Mar 26 '15 18:02

Six police officers were needed to take a "disturbed" man into custody after he assaulted two NS conductors and several passengers onboard a train, police say. The 30-year-old man boarded the train in Zwijndrecht and fought with police one stop later in Barendrecht.

Spuistraat Amsterdam police photo 2
Mar 26 '15 17:23

Police in Amsterdam still had eight people in custody late Thursday afternoon as a result of arrests made at the squatter protest and eviction Wednesday in Amsterdam Centrum. Officers arrested 19 people in total for public violence, vandalism, disturbing the peace and failure to comply with official orders.

Mar 26 '15 14:36

The police arrested a bookkeeper of an administrative office from Alblasserdam and the owner of a shipping company in Rotterdam in Eindhoven yesterday. This was done as part of a criminal investigation into an alleged criminal organization suspected of involvement in fraud in the trade of edible oils.

Mar 26 '15 11:55

In September last year a man was mugged after answering a personal add on the site kinky.nl. The police investigation into this crime revealed that this man was most likely not the only victim.


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