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Sep 5 '15 13:14

A noisy 27-year-old prowler found himself in a bind after he was caught by an alert neighbour Friday afternoon. The sounds of shattering glass caught the 68-year-old Groningen resident’s attention, and he found the younger suspect suspiciously entering the house next door, a police report stated.

Sep 4 '15 20:26

One person was killed and another wounded when an elevator fell inside a building on the TU/Eindhoven campus. The elevator fell seven stories and trapped both victims, believed to be workers taking part in the building’s renovations, according to Omroep Brabant.

Sep 4 '15 15:10

A large number of people watched the police remove a body from the Prins Hendrikkade in Rotterdam on Friday. As the World Port Days event started in the city on Friday, the area was very busy.

Police sign
Sep 4 '15 14:28

The suspect sought by the police for drugging and robbing his date in Amsterdam in June, has turned himself in. The man reported himself to the police station, bringing the victim's laptop with him

Sep 2 '15 16:09

Two members of motorcycle gang Satudarah was arrested on Tuesday as part of an joint intensified approach between the police and government in the fight against organized crime in Zuid-Nederland. A amphetamine laboratory was also discovered and dismantled.

Sep 2 '15 15:31

The police have confirmed that the suspect arrested in connection with the three bodies found in Veghel on Tuesday is a 17 year old boy, the family's son. He is suspected of killing his mother, sister and grandmother.

Sep 2 '15 15:08

The police have had a breakthrough in the case surrounding the woman's body that was found in a suitcase in Maastricht on Friday. The victim has been identified and her husband - a 53 year old man from Aachen, Germany - was arrested on Tuesday night as prime suspect in her death.

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Sep 2 '15 14:14

The Amsterdam police arrested four people and seized a number of vehicles during a police raid in two hangars in the industrial estate De Heining in the Westelijk Havengebied on Tuesday.

Sep 2 '15 13:45

A 30 year old Rotterdam man was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of involvement in the murder of 29 year old Amsterdam man Hamdi Bilir. Bilir was shot down in a busy restaurant in Rotterdam on September 23rd last year.

Sep 2 '15 10:01

The police launched a major investigation after three bodies were discovered in a house on Fazantendonk in Veghel on Tuesday afternoon. One man has been arrested.

Sep 1 '15 13:54

A 20 year old student found a camera hidden under the sink in her dorm room in Breda on Sunday night. A 36 year old man from Etten-Leur was arrested.

Sep 1 '15 10:33

Peter B., the 54 year old man arrested last month for pretending to be a pathologist and doctor to teach at the police academy in Apeldoorn, tried to get onto the team that identified the victims of the MH17 disaster.

Sep 1 '15 09:10

A body was discovered along the A73 in Roermond on Thursday last week. The victim is believed to be Italian criminal S.H.

Aug 31 '15 15:41

The arrest of young rapper Lil'Kleine in Hilversum on Saturday night nearly caused a riot when dozens of young girls stormed the police station.

Aug 31 '15 15:24

The reason for the police website crash on Sunday was likely a human error and not a so-called DDoS cyber attack. The problems have been resolved and the police website is back online.

boxtel forest
Aug 31 '15 15:15

The ever decreasing supervision in nature areas is leading to an increase in criminal and illegal activities in the countryside.

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Aug 31 '15 14:25

The police have arrested a 39 year old man from Harlingen in connection with a barroom fight that resulted in the death of a 58 year old man during the early hours of Friday morning. A witness of the fight says that the victim was not the man's intended target.

Aug 31 '15 14:12

The police arrested a 39 year old man in Hoogeveen on Monday morning in connection with the large number of arson cases in the city this year. According to the police, the man can be connected to part of the arsons.

Police sign
Aug 31 '15 09:08

A suitcase containing the lifeless body of a woman was found floating in the Maas river in Maastricht on Friday. The police are asking the public's help to identify the victim.

Aug 31 '15 08:50

The police website was offline for hours on Sunday. The police believe that the most likely reason for the website's servers overloading is a large number of people trying to access a photo with a very high resolution on the site at the same time. Though they are not ruling out the possibility of a so-called DDoS attack.

Gouda Zwarte Piet arrest 2
Aug 28 '15 16:35

The United Nations committee on the elimination of racial discrimination has released its report on discrimination in the Netherlands following the meeting with the Dutch delegation in Venice last week. The committee highlighted a number of concerns made recommendations regarding, among other things, Zwarte Piet, ethnic profiling by the police, racist statements made by politicians, antisemitic chants during football games, the asylum policy and ethnic bullying in schools.

Aug 28 '15 15:14

The reorganization of the National Police is 230 million euros over budget, bringing the total costs up to nearly half a billion euros.

Aug 28 '15 14:34

The 27 year old Rotterdam man who is suspected of severely assaulting a train conductress in Hoofddorp in March, denies that he ever touched her. This was revealed during a non-substantive hearing in the court in Haarlem on Friday

Aug 28 '15 13:35

Prosecutors demanded just three years in prison for Cor van der T., suspected of planning a foiled criminal underworld assassination. Justice officials do not believe they have the evidence to link Van der T. to underworld assassinations, instead calling for the multi-year sentence for weapons possession violations


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