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Jan 2 '15 13:11

A 23 year old Tilburg resident was stabbed on Jan Scharpstraat in the Oud-Noord district yesterday afternoon. The man died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The police have started a large scale investigation with about 15 people working on the investigation team.

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Jan 2 '15 11:55

A man was shot and killed in Amsterdam Noord on Wednesday. Police officers found the man seriously wounded in his car on Tussendek at around 15:40. Emergency workers tried to resuscitate the man on the scene and at the hospital, but to no avail. The victim is a 44 year old from Amsterdam.

Jan 2 '15 09:46

A 20 year old man was hit in the head by a bullet during New Year's Eve and only noticed it later on.

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Jan 2 '15 09:35

The police are urgently looking for witnesses to the murder on Tussendek in Amsterdam-Noord on Wednesday, December 31st 2014.

Jan 2 '15 08:17

According to the first preliminary figures of the police, there were fewer incidents during this New Year's than last year. In 2013 the police received 8,413 reports of incidents, this year there were 8,236. This year the police made 576 arrests, compared to 824 in 2013.

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Jan 1 '15 12:05

No major incidents were reported during New Year's night. The police reports that there were some disturbances in which the mobile unit was deployed. The mobile unit was deployed in Nijmegen, Utrecht and Culemborg. Several people were also injured and there were several fires.

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Dec 31 '14 12:59

The body of a newborn baby was found in the gallery of a flat in Breda yesterday. From traces found the police have determined that the mother may need medical attention.

Dec 31 '14 11:28

A psychiatric prisoner from the Van Mesdag clinic in Groningen is suspected of kidnapping and raping a prostitute. The 45 year old man was on unsupervised leave at the time.

Dec 31 '14 07:56

Fireworks enthusiasts have to be patient and remember that fireworks may only be lit from 18:00 tonight. In previous years it was allowed from 10:00 a.m.

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Dec 30 '14 13:07

The 55 year old resident of a houseboat on Friesewal in Zwolle was found dead in the water on Monday afternoon. The police assumes his death was accidental.

Dec 30 '14 12:29

A 21 year man from Zaltbommel was arrested last night on suspicion of wanting to set a car on fire in Veen, Noord-Brabant.

Dec 30 '14 12:04

The police found a large quantity of illegal fireworks in a commercial building on Maalderij in Amstelveen on Monday afternoon. A 55 year old resident of Amstelveen was arrested.

Dec 30 '14 09:05

"Aid workers such as police officers must not bear the brunt of out of control misconduct. Colleagues who are nevertheless confronted with violence can count on maximum support from the organization." said Chief Constable Gerard Bouman of the National Police regarding the rising trend of violence against officers during the turning of the year.

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Dec 29 '14 13:25

The police arrested six people last night in Hoogkerk, Groningen for setting fires in their neighborhood. They also pelted the police with stones and fireworks. The six suspects are all from Hoogkerk and are between the ages of 14 and 39 years old.

Dec 29 '14 12:43

Police officers arrested a burglar in Apeldoorn early this morning who had fallen asleep in the house that he had broken into.

Dec 29 '14 12:37

A woman and two children were injured in an explosion and subsequent fire in their home in Sterrendaalders in Den Bosch last night. The police suspect that someone threw a firework bomb into their home through the letterbox.

Dec 29 '14 11:00

A pedestrian found a dead body in a ditch on Gramsbergenlaan in the Hague on Sunday. The victim presumably died because of an accident.

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Dec 26 '14 14:03

A 39 year old man died during a stabbing incident in Amsterdam east yesterday afternoon. He was stabbed to death by his 41 year old brother, who turned himself in to the police.

Dec 26 '14 13:16

The police arrested four Groningen residents (aged 30, 31, 35 and 52 years) after a brawl on Pleiadenlaan last night. Shots were fired during the fight.

Dec 25 '14 07:28

The police have released photos of a violent home robbery that occurred on Thursday, October 2nd, 2014. They hope that the released photographs will lead to a breakthrough in the case.

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Dec 24 '14 12:59

Yesterday a man through a corrosive liquid, possibly acid, over a woman in a parking garage in Haarlem. The woman was taken to a hospital. The man was arrested.

Dec 23 '14 10:44

A strange form of Christmas snow appeared on the beach of Egmond aan Zee this weekend.

Dec 23 '14 09:59

More than a million Dutch people have been the victim of internet fraud in the last two years. In total the victims have been scammed out of more than 5 billion euros. This is evident from research done by the Fraud Help Desk, the national reporting point for questions and reports on fraud.

Dec 23 '14 09:14

The police have received an important tip about the murder of former minister Els Borst. Crime journalist Peter R. de Vries received information about someone with a duty of confidentiality, who can not talk to the police him-/herself. De Vries gave the tip to the police.


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