Jun 15 '15 17:10

Collective labor actions undertaken by Netherlands police officers has cost Dutch society 6.5 million euros so far, according to calculations from the Dutch Police Union (NPB). In estimating the loss, the union relied on figures provided by the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Jun 15 '15 16:45

A 36 year old man was arrested in Hoorn on Saturday morning for yelling at a police officer.

Police sign
Jun 15 '15 16:20

A 20 year old man from Wieringerwerf was assaulted at the Zaandam Center railway station on Saturday morning after returning a forgotten bag to its owner.

Jun 15 '15 15:05

The police have arrested two suspects in connection with a brutal mugging in December last year, in which an elderly couple was robbed of tens of thousands of euros.

Jun 13 '15 09:30

The Netherlands Forensic Institute is working on a Linux-based forensic operating system that will enable the police to secure and remotely analyze evidence related to botnets,

Jun 12 '15 18:15

Police officers in Dordrecht fired two warning shots during the arrest of a 19-year-old suspect on Wednesday night. There were no injuries in the incident.

Police sign
Jun 12 '15 11:09

The Amsterdam police deployed the military unit that helped the army in Afghanistan to win the hearts of the local population, in the neighbourhood Bos en Lommer. The soldiers along with police officers keep an eye on "target groups" and their behaviour.

Jun 11 '15 17:45

The Royal Association of Bailiffs (KBvG) wants the status of a bailiff to be taken more seriously, said Wilbert van de Donk, the president of the association. Van de Donk made that comment after letters containing powdery substances, with threatening text and an ISIS signature were sent to a number of debt collections offices in The Hague and Amsterdam.

Jun 11 '15 11:34

A 28 year old from Rotterdam was arrested on Wednesday for trying to push someone in front of an oncoming train. The suspect is in custody on suspicion of attempted manslaughter.

Jun 11 '15 11:14

On Wednesday afternoon a municipal employee of Berkel-Enschot found 39 exotic animals dead in a park. The animals were dumped in the park in crates and bags. The animal police are looking for information on the culprit.

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Jun 11 '15 08:18

A number of collection offices in The Hague and Amsterdam have received letters containing "radioactive" this past month. The letters are signed by ISIS/Islamic Caliphate. One office in The Hague also received a letter pronouncing a death sentence on the office.

Jun 10 '15 15:20

The father of the 8 year old girl who died after falling from a flat in Hoogeveen on Sunday night, is considering taking legal action against protective services. He feels that these services neglected to keep an eye on his daughter, despite repeated requests to do so.

Jun 10 '15 14:30

Facebook has deleted the information on who posted the sex video that is currently the center of a Dutch lawsuit.

Jun 10 '15 11:35

The police dealt a blow to a Roosendaal "crime family" on Tuesday by busting a drugs export ring. The police suspect that this "family" has earned millions of euros by operating a drug ring, exporting soft drugs to France for years.

Police sign
Jun 10 '15 10:18

The police found the body of a woman under suspicious circumstances in a house on Joseph Israelskade in Amsterdam-Zuid on Tuesday. Officers suspect that the woman had been murdered

Lucas Boom murder in Zaandam
Jun 10 '15 10:02

So far the police have received 8 tips regarding the assassination of underworld figure Lucas Boom in Zaandam on Tuesday. Television program Opsporing Verzocht broadcast information about the case last night.

Jun 10 '15 08:05

The police arrested 44 year old Dennis van den B. on Tuesday. They believe that he was the intended target of the assassination that killed mental health director Rob Zweekhorst last year.

Lucas Boom murder in Zaandam
Jun 9 '15 14:29

The man who was violently assassinated in Zaandam earlier this afternoon, has been identified as Amsterdam career criminal Lucas Boom, Het Parool reports.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Jun 9 '15 13:53

A shooting incident on J. Kruijverstraat in Zaandam on Tuesday afternoon has left one person dead. The police are looking for a brown minivan believed to have been involved in the shooting.

Jun 9 '15 11:01

The suspect arrested shortly after a fatal stabbing in Oosterhout on Friday, was arraigned on Monday. The 50 year old man from Oosterhout will remain in custody.

Jun 9 '15 10:44

The police in Groningen are raiding multiple locations in the province as part of two ongoing investigations into cannabis cultivation. According to the police, these actions are "aimed at seizing cannabis, money, valuables and administration".

Jun 8 '15 13:00

The police were finally able to speak with Baris Onder's widow, the woman who was shot in Amsterdam-Osdorp last week.

Jun 8 '15 11:30

The police and judiciary are encouraging motorists to buy and install a dashcam in their car as its recordings are increasingly used as evidence in proceedings against traffic violators.

Jun 8 '15 09:25

According to Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, everyone should be searched during preventive frisk-actions, including grannies.


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