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Jun 1 '16 08:00

No weapon was found with the man killed by a police bullet in the Prinses Beatrixpark in Schiedam on Monday, the Public Prosecutor said in a statement on Tuesday. The Rotterdam police and the Rijksrecherche, the department that handles internal police investigations, are investigating the incident.

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May 31 '16 07:35

A suspected robber was killed by a police bullet in the Prinses Beatrixpark in Schiedam on Monday night, the police said in a statement. He was shot during the arrest and died at the scene.

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Apr 14 '16 10:34

A 41-year-old man was injured in a police-involves shooting in Breda on Wednesday. The shooting happened in a home on Pietersberg while a SWAT team was arresting the man as part of a criminal investigation, according to the police.

Apr 11 '16 08:08

A man suspected of committing domestic violence was injured while being arrested in Tiel during the early hours of Sunday morning. He was hit in the buttock by a police bullet.

Mar 17 '16 08:46

The police gunned down a man after he attacked them with a knife in the Noord-Holland town of De Kwakel on Thursday morning. He died at the scene.

Mar 17 '16 07:29

Rupert Lodovica, the 41-year-old man from Oss shot by the police in Eindhoven on Saturday, died of his injuries in hospital on Wednesday, the Public Prosecutor announced.

Nov 12 '15 12:20

A suspect was hit by a police bullet after he and two others broke into a car in Amsterdam on Wednesday night. All three suspects were arrested.

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Oct 16 '15 14:33

The Public Prosecutor in The Hague has decided to prosecute a police officer for a shooting incident in which a suspect was seriously injured in October last year. The Prosecutor has serious doubts about whether the officer acted correctly and has therefore decided to refer the case to the judge.

Aug 25 '15 09:50

The police fired shots at an armed robber in Voorschoten, Leiden on Monday morning. The robber was hit in his leg and taken to the hospital. A total of three robbers were arrested.

Aug 13 '15 12:03

A man was shot down by the police at the asylum center in Winterswijk on Thursday morning. He was taken to the hospital. The condition of the wounded man is unknown.

Aug 4 '14 11:09

Police say the Internal Investigations Department will be looking into a shooting that left a man injured in his leg last Sunday.

Jun 30 '14 11:54

Police in Zoetermeer shot a man down on Saturday night when he failed to comply with instructions from the officers. The man was injured, and has been brought to hospital.


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