Pokemon Go

Dec 1 '16 08:12

Van Dale announced the top ten contenders for Word of the Year 2016, new words that emerged during the course of the year. This year's new words indicate that United States president-elect, the Brexit and Pokemon were on Dutch people's minds.

Oct 5 '16 11:44

American game developer Niantic placed an extra Pokestop in seaside resort Kijkduin in The Hague. Pokemon Go fans believe this was done in response to the municipality of The Hague filing a lawsuit against the company for fewer Pokemon in the resort

Sep 29 '16 09:39

The municipality of The Hague filed a lawsuit against American game company Niantic in an effort to reduce annoyance caused by Pokemon Go players in Kijkduin. The case appears in court on October 11th

Aug 22 '16 12:10

The municipality of The Hague asked Niantic, the maker of smartphone game Pokemon Go, to have fewer Pokemon appear in nature area Kijkduin. If the municipality has its way, there will no longer be any of these creatures in the area, but fewer is a start, a spokesperson for the municipality confirmed to NU.nl.

Aug 16 '16 15:30

Two Roosendaal residents caught a car thief red-handed while walking the streets playing Pokemon Go during the early hours of Tuesday morning, the police said in a statement.

Aug 16 '16 15:00

Two armed men robbed Jack's Casino on Klein Zwitserland in Gilze during the early hours of Tuesday morning. The perpetrators are still on the loose and the police are calling on Pokemon Go players to help find them.

Jul 26 '16 11:40

A bus driver for touring company Ringelbert Tours in Ridderkerk may be summarily dismissed after he was caught playing Pokemon Go behind the wheel, Laurens Boom, director of the touring company

Jul 21 '16 14:05

Residents of a courtyard building on Zusters van Orthenpoort find themselves in a Pokemon-hell with Pokemon Go players flooding their building at all hours and leaving junk behind them. "This is Pokemon terrorism!" one exasperated resident said to Omroep Brabant.

Jul 21 '16 10:07

A 31-year-old Tilburg man who was arrested for a burglar while playing Pokemon Go early on Sunday, is pressing assault charges against the men who detained him,

sticker_pokemanja_teamroosendaal (1)
Jul 21 '16 09:43

The Roosendaal police are calling on Pokemon Go players to keep an eye out for suspicious situations and persons while they're walking the streets hunting Pokemon. By reporting anything suspicious, Pokemon hunters can help increase safety in the city, the police believe.

Jul 18 '16 16:45

The Tilburg police are investigating whether a 31-year-old man arrested in the city during the early hours of Sunday morning is a burglar or was just hunting for Pokemon, the police said in a statement on Sunday.

Jul 18 '16 14:15

Pokemon Go was officially released for the Netherlands on Saturday. The game is now available for both Android and iOS

Jul 12 '16 12:40

Five teenage boys in Baarn discovered a dead body in a pond on Monday night while hunting for Pokemon in the immensely popular new smartphone game Pokemon Go

Jul 12 '16 08:40

Pokemon Go is causing headaches for police officers across the Netherlands. From police forces' posts on Twitter, it seems that the police have their hands full with reports of suspicious or dangerous situations to do with the smartphone game.

Jul 11 '16 08:54

The Amsterdam police are concerned about dangerous situations that can be caused with the already very popular mobile game Pokemon Go.

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