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Sep 28 '13 02:37

A train was brought to a full stop on the route between Utrecht and Amersfoort because it was fired upon. The missile turned out to be a piece of gum, reported the police.

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Sep 17 '13 02:16

The Fyra is safe and can be used for unlimited commercial purposes. The high-speed train has received the necessary permits for this purpose.

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Sep 16 '13 16:50

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features NS railroad maintenance, price increase of train tickets, and the future of Fyra, the continuing developments on Google glass, the stabbing death of a Swedish girl, the concerns around the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, Netflix entering the Dutch market, concerns about radical Muslims, the Muslim brothers, private policing by Muslims, the uncertain future of Ibn Ghaldoun.

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Sep 7 '13 02:09

The NS rides with Fyra V250 trains again .It involves so-called maintenance rides, which are intended to prevent corrosion of parts and to prevent them from getting stuck.

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Sep 6 '13 03:09

The price of train tickets will rise by 3.4 percent in 2014. In this way, according to the Dutch Railways (NS), the travelers help to pay for the higher costs for the use of the track. This was reported by RTL News.

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Sep 4 '13 01:47

Railroad traffic around Schiphol will be severely hampered this weekend by maintenance on the tracks. Travelers should expect fifteen minutes to an hour extra travel time.

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Aug 31 '13 02:48

Starting September train travelers will have access to free Wi-Fi on 48 NS stations. Working with KPN, the NS will offer free wireless internet on stations in cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen and Maastricht for at least one year.

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Aug 21 '13 07:15

The Dutch Railways have a net loss of 76 million euro in the first half of 2013. Over the same period last year they had a profit of 147 million euro. This is evident from the interim results of the Railways, which was published on Tuesday.

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Jun 5 '13 06:54

During the question hour on Tuesday, State Secretary Wilma Mansveld promised to come up with an alternative for duped travelers who are affected by the fact that the Fyra will not run anymore.

D66 MP Stientje van Veldhoven was wondering why the State Secretary was caught by surprise by the decision of the Belgian Railways to abandon the Fyra.

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Jun 5 '13 06:49

As the only share holder of NS, Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem wants to be more strict towards the railway company. He announced this during his weekly interview at RTLZ.

Dijsselbloem spoke about the meeting he had on Monday afternoon with NS chairman Bert Meerstadt. Dijsselbloem says that he doesn’t want to be informed anymore by the NS when they have made a decision already, but that he wants to be informed before a decision is made. “The NS has to consult the share holder in a much earlier stage and I am going to be sure, by myself, that this will not be forgotten.”

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Jun 4 '13 08:02

The Dutch high-speed line (HSL-Zuid) has so far cost 8 billion euro. The only company using the track is the Belgian-French company Thalys. The Dutch railways (NS) and their Fyra are standing still and the top of NS has now decided that the Fyra will never be in use. 

That the NS decided to stop with the Fyra was announced on Monday after the Board of NS informed State Secretary of Railways, Wilma Mansveld. The board says that research shows that the train is insufficiently reliable.

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Apr 22 '13 15:55

Travelers can use the free Internet in trains for another year. The Dutch Railways, Nederlandse spoorwegen (NS), extends its contract for wifi in intercity trains with provider T-Mobile with another year.

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Apr 16 '13 15:22

The Dutch Railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), asks the Queensday-traveler to be patient. Even though thorough preparations have been made, the NS expects large crowds, especially later at night.

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Apr 15 '13 08:14

Railway tracks pre-sprayed with water can prevent delay caused by falling leaves on the track, according to a report by the Telegraaf.

By pre-wetting the rails, leaves attach less to it, argues NS-driver Rene Slagter. Trains must drive slower in the fall to prevent bolting caused by the sticky leaves while braking. This results in too much time lost.

Tests show that Slagter is right: Leaves on wet rails dissolve in the water after a few trains have passed by.

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Apr 3 '13 14:57

The Dutch Railway, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), and the railway administrator ProRail are investigating the possibility of measuring heat in the Schipholtunnel. This should prevent the now regular interruptions in rail traffic caused by smoke detection alarms.

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Apr 1 '13 14:56

Train stations should no longer be the responsibility of the Dutch Railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) said D66 Member of Parliament Stientje van Veldhoven on Monday. To make the division of roles in rail infrastructure more equal the ownership of stations should go to ProRail, the railway administrator.

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Mar 27 '13 02:56

On Sunday, approximately 235,000 people traveled by train for free courtesy of the promotion for the annual national book week, Boekenweek. The Dutch rail company, NS, said the number was a 17.5% increase over last year's total of 200,000.

Anyone who had spent more than €12.50 on a Dutch book last week in the Netherlands was eligible to receive a free copy of the Kees van Kooten book, De verrekijker. Showing the freebie to the NS on the last day of Boekenweek meant a passenger could get a free train ride.


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