Feb 16 '16 11:43

Kas van R., better known as the Nijmegen peeping tom, was sentenced to six years in prison by the court in Arnhem on Tuesday. He stood trial for molesting, assaulting, threatening and raping seven young women between 2012 and 2014

Feb 16 '16 11:11

Mayors Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen and Paul Mengde of Heumen sat down with three asylum seekers living in asylum camp Heumensoord for a discussion on the situation in the camp on Monday. The mayors also think that the asylum procedure is taking too long,

Feb 15 '16 10:39

NS is deploying cleaners to clean trains while they're traveling on long routes. The cleaners work between the morning- and evening rush hour, cleaning up loose rubbish, emptying bins and removing stains while the train is traveling

Feb 15 '16 10:26

Hundreds of asylum seekers are expected to march from the Heumensoord asylum camp to the Nijmegen town hall on Monday to express their discontent about conditions in the tent camp

Feb 10 '16 17:50

Paul McCartney is widely expected to headline and close the 2016 edition of music festival Pinkpop. Just days later, American rock legend Bruce Springsteen is set to perform in Den Haag.

Feb 8 '16 13:40

At least two of the LGBT asylum seekers being harassed in the Heumensoord asylum camp in Nijmegen, are now also being threatened with death, the interest group for gay people COC Nijmegen announced on Monday.

Feb 3 '16 15:20

Nijmegen metal festival FortaRock dropped American band Down from its lineup after frontman Phil Anselmo made the Hitler salute and called "white power" during a gig in the United States last week

Feb 2 '16 14:30

A 39 year old man from Nijmegen, known as the Nijmegen peeping tom, is appearing in the court in Arnhem on Tuesday. He is suspected of raping five women, fornicating with an underage girl, and holding a 7th victim hostage in her home for a short time. In the court the suspect denied being involved in the rapes. "I never did anything with violence. And I've never been convicted for that", he said

Jan 18 '16 11:18

There are concrete indications that sex traffickers are requiting young women into prostitution around the asylum centers in the Netherlands

Jan 13 '16 10:25

Gay asylum seekers are routinely harassed in the Heumensoord asylum camp in Nijmegen, gay interest group COC said to De Gelderlander. According to the group, the gay men's beds get soaked or smeared with food and excrement and their clothes are routinely stolen or set on fire.

Jan 12 '16 11:15

The first day of school on Monday for more than 500 child asylum seekers living in the Heumensoord emergency shelter camp was a success, a spokesperson for the Nijmegen municipality said

Jan 11 '16 15:04

Belgian jihad expert Montasser AIDe'emeh was arrested in his home in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek in Brussels on Monday. The Belgian police suspects that he gave a false written statement for a jihad suspect at the request of the suspect's imam brother, the Volkskrant reports.. AIDe'emeh is affiliated with the Radboud University in Nijmegen as an "outside researcher".

Jan 11 '16 11:18

Monday is the first day of school for 565 kids living in the asylum seeker camp Heumensoord in Nijmegen. For many of them it is the first day of school in months, for some even in years. Kids in other emergency shelters are still waiting, Dutch newspaper AD reports.

Jan 5 '16 09:09

A truck carrying pigs overturned and ended up in a ditch on the A15 from Nijmegen to Gorinchem. The wandering pigs are causing quite a traffic jam between Geldermalsen and Leerdam

Fireworks Festival  Source: Twitter/@ShawseyShaw
Dec 31 '15 15:30

Amsterdam is the municipality spending most on the New Year's celebration this year. The municipality is contributing 50 thousand euros to the party

Disabled man's exoskeleton
Dec 31 '15 14:40

Nijmegen man Ruben de Sain received his crowdfunded robotic exoskeleton just in time for the paralyzed man to celebrate New Year's on his feet. The suit was delivered on Wednesday afternoon

Disabled man's exoskeleton
Dec 22 '15 11:22

Paraplegic patient Ruben de Sain from Nijmegen managed to raise the 85 thousand euros necessary to buy his own robotic exoskeleton through crowdfunding

Dec 11 '15 10:08

Some one hundred asylum seekers protested in Nijmegen on Thursday against the poor living conditions in the Heumensoord tent camp shelter

Dec 11 '15 09:13

Insurer VGZ and the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen plan to reduce healthcare costs by spending more time with patients during consultations with doctors. According to them, the pressure to reduce costs in medical care actually leads to more treatments and therefore increased costs

Dec 9 '15 16:10

Veterinary organization KNMVD is warning bunny owners of an outbreak of Viral Hemorrhagic Disease that is killing rabbits in several places in the Netherlands, including in the Nijmegen, Groningen and Utrecht.

asylum seekers
Dec 8 '15 08:23

A cooking event at a nursing home in Nijmegen for refugees living in the Heumensoord emergency shelter, was cancelled after online threats and pressure from the Gelderland PVV. According to a spokesperson for the organizers of the event, such a fuss arose around the event that they had little choice but to cancel it

Dec 7 '15 13:00

Ruben de Sain from Nijmegen, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago, is the first Dutchman allowed to take a robotic exoskeleton home with him for a few weeks. The exoskeleton makes him able to walk again.

Dec 2 '15 08:49

Toos Scheffinga worked her last day as bathroom matron at Nijmegen station on Tuesday. The 83 year old woman retired after 63 years of service. The station bathrooms are now being managed by German company Sanifair. They work with gates that open after you drop 50 cents into the machine, so no need for a bathroom matron any longer,

Nov 19 '15 12:59

Radboud University in Nijmegen is starting a series of lectures for university educated asylum seekers currently living in the tent camp on Heumensoord. The lectures will start at the end of this month.


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