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Mark Rutte
Mar 14 '19 13:20

The Dutch government wants to reduce the energy costs for citizens and let the industry pay more for the Netherlands' climate plans, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in a response to the Netherlands' environmental assessment agency PBL and central planning office CPB's calculations of the climate agreement. This will involve less energy taxes on citizens, and a CO2 tax on companies, NOS reports

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Oct 7 '13 02:35

44 percent of the Dutch prefer to buy a home with solar panels over one without.

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Sep 30 '13 07:59

A coalition of six major nature and environmental organizations wants to transfer 110 million euro, meant as income support for farmers, to a fund for the development of rural areas. Farmers organizations are very against this proposal.

At a conference in Utrecht held on Monday afternoon, Natuurmonumenten, Vogelbescherming Nederland, Landschapsbeheer Nederland, De 12Landschappen, Stichting Natuur en Milieu en Milieudefensie will propose their plan.  If they succeed this means 1800 euro less in the wallet of the average farmer.

Income support

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Aug 28 '13 04:09

Government, unions, employers and environmental organizations agree on the final version of the energy agreement. In July, the parties already broadly agreed. The signatures will be placed expectedly next week, after the first constituencies of the organizations concerned have been consulted. The Social and Economic Council (SER) came on Tuesday with an official statement. The negotiations on the energy agreement took place under the direction of SER chairman Wiebe Draijer.

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