National Institute for Public Health and Environment

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Jul 13 '16 15:50

Since the start of this year, a total of 60 people were diagnosed with the Zika virus in the Netherlands, according to figures from national health institute RIVM. Of them "a small number" are pregnant women

Jul 1 '15 08:58

The increasing heat is prompting a number of schools to adopt a tropical schedule for Thursday and Friday, in which lessons start earlier and end around noon.

Jun 29 '15 14:35

The National Heat Plan will be in effect from Tuesday due to the high temperatures expected for the rest of the week, the National Institute for Public Health and Environment, RIVM, announced on Monday

Jun 7 '15 11:20

Roughly 99.8 percent of the Dutch population can be transported to the nearest emergency room within 45 minutes, according to the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM).

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Dec 10 '14 13:30

Children who attend daycare run a much greater risk of stomach flu (gastroenteritis). On average they visit the doctor twice as often - and are also twice as often hospitalized due to complications - as children who do not attend daycare.

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Oct 2 '14 16:30

Letters obtained from health and safety inspectors and minutes of meetings reveal that the Defence Ministry was aware of the health risks associated with carcinogenic paint since 1987, but did not take steps to protect staff until eleven years later, according to broadcaster NOS.

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